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  1. You and the rest of logically minded society The construction company who didn't adequately test materials or failed to see an issue with installation also have a role to play.
  2. Hello all, I'm a resident and leaseholder of a flat in Sheffield with issues concerning cladding and insufficient compartmentation. This has amounted to is an expensive waking watch and numerous S20 demands for money towards remediation works and heightened insurance costs. The UK cladding action group (which concerns itself with all things fire safety, not just cladding) has an ever growing presence within the media and is putting our case for reduced liability towards these costs. The UK cladding action group on Facebook seemingly only has a handful of leaseholders. I find this difficult to believe given the number of apartment buildings across the city. Please join the group if this issue concerns you. With more members, its easier to coordinate our efforts communicating with local council and MPs and effect real change. You are not responsible for these fire safety issues, and you should not be having to pay for their remediation!
  3. Do you or somebody you know own a flat at Daisy Spring Works, Kelham Island, Sheffield? I am seeking fellow leaseholders/tenants of the building. I'm already in contact with a handful of apartments so I will be able to add you to our existing group and you will be able to join in on discussions. Our primary aim for the moment is to get as many leaseholders involved as possible. Please do get in touch with me at acyrusbrooks@gmail.com.
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