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  1. Might it have been a joke? Just a thought.
  2. It isn't a "tired old topic" when men are still being found guilty of it only today.
  3. I thought I could feel a cough coming on earlier, so in the interests of public safety I've decided to self isolate myself and take 2 weeks off work on full pay. Purely as a precaution of course.
  4. Forgot to mention, you get a free plastic bottle with it too. Bargain. 👌
  5. It was and is the only place to live in Sheffield, and South Yorkshire for that matter, but the lurch to the left and the rise of champagne socialists is a shame. People driving BMWs and sending kids to private school and then sticking up a Labour sign at election time as a virtue signal. Extreme wokeism.
  6. Indeed. Much cheaper and tastes the same.
  7. I pay around £1.50 for 6 pints from the supermarket.
  8. ... is one way of brushing it under the carpet and cancelling diversity of opinion. Maybe moderators could inform users why their post got removed, as a courtesy and to help guide them in future? It's difficult to know what is and isn't allowed when posts that do no break any listed site rules still get instantly deleted without reason.
  9. Why are posts removed without any explanation when they don't even break any of your own defined rules? This forum is so far removed from freedom of speech as to be a left wing echo chamber where anyone with a differing view to that of the moderating team is heavily and promptly censored. No wonder site traffic and hits are down year on year on year. The answer isn't more censorship, it's more free discussion and debate, and that entails allowing alternative views. Otherwise I fear this site will die off completely.
  10. And people wonder why the NHS has funding issues?
  11. The people of Hallam were silly to vote in a Labour MP again. Such a shame that this once great constituency has lurched to the left to such an extent that it would return a Labour MP after getting burnt so badly when dipping a toe in the water with Jared. If Olivia Blake is another failure then they've nobody to blame but themselves this time. Don Valley is Tory and Hallam is Labour. I never thought I'd see the day. Champagne socialism at its finest.
  12. None of which detracts from my point that Funky_Gibbon was dishing up fake news unchecked.
  13. Your claim on the NHS funding is dubious. The planned increases, whilst not being the biggest in history, are still real terms increases, and fact checked. "The £34 billion is a spending increase in real terms of £20.5 billion between 2018/19 and 2023/24. " https://fullfact.org/election-2019/nhs-spending-biggest-boost/
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