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  1. Hi Didnt know the Jones family as we lived on Palgrave until I left school in !966 I only knew Mick as we both went Southey green school Used to knock about with a guy called Mick Dawson who lived on Crowder avenue
  2. Went to Southey school with a mate called Mick Pridmore he lived on Dryden but dont which number, also a girl called Janet Bell also lived on Dryden. Would love to know how they are doing now
  3. Any one work in the sheet mill or offices from 1967 to 1969
  4. Hi Did you know any of the office staff, there was a girl called Margaret Hill I had a thing for her around 1968, but I was a bit naive and she rightly dumped me. would love to know how she is and what she is up to now
  5. Hi I left Shiregreen school in 1964 when we moved to Parson cross. I remember Mr Coombs (Norman)he had a thing for one of the teachers Mrs Hill, her daughter Judith was in our class. Went back to the school about 20 years ago be fore it was knocked down and rebuilt
  6. Hi I worked at INTAL in 1966 as an apprentice the Boss was a guy called Eric Bimrose, really nice guy. Names I remember were Pat Cain, John Kay Barry Siddal, John Deighton The wages were £2. per week. I only stayed 12 months Left to go to Hallamshire rolling mills. My first wage was £11.00
  7. Would love to hear from any one who worked at INTAL on Claywheels lane around 1966
  8. Hi I went to Shiregreen school from 1955 to 1964 when we moved to Parson Cross. I remember most of the names like Billy Widdowson.Albert Charlesworth, used to leave bikes at his house. We lived on Hyacinth Road. Went round the old estate a while ago many good memories but totally different now
  9. I went to school with Fred Kent and he got me the job in the sheet mill his cousin Alan worked with Duffy and a guy called Jubb cant remember his first name. The furnace man was a guy called Charlie (Wag) Do you remember the roll grinder I think his name was Eric and he walked with a limp Also remember Castledine think his name was big Mick Hi Wensley. Jack Bower rings a bell. The other pubs were Gardeners rest or The Crown Also Neepsend Tavern going towards Hillfoot bridge
  10. Your right it was Steve who had something to do with Alan Bown set , I didn't realise that Kieth was the referee. Yes Ted was a stocky guy, cant remember colour of his hair, but he used to go in the Malton which was run by a polish guy. Do you remember a guy called Bruno, I used to be a runner for him. I remember he won £10 one day and gave me a quid, thought I was rich. Did you work there same time as me?
  11. I Started as an odd lad in 1967 then a backer and then middler our roller Jack Hackett who lived up near the Parkwood spring pub, he had a son called Keith who he reckoned was a mate of Andy Bown who played with Status Quo. not sure if its true
  12. Jack was our boss head roller was his title and his furnace man was a polish guy called Ted were you there at that time
  13. I used to deliver newspapers for the post office on Wordsworth Drive and dated a girl from the bottom of Palgrave called Pat
  14. Hi I worked at Hallamshire rolling mills on Bardwell road just down from the Parkwood spring pub. Used to also use the Malton and Gardeners rest pubs. Did any one work in the rolling mills up to 1969
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