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  1. Try Steve Wells from Waterthorpe 01142470817 He is very good.
  2. Hi my question is about another one of your threads- the russian dwarf hamster-is it still available-and where in sheffield are you?
  3. Where abouts in sheffield are you? I am interested in the cage
  4. where abouts on greenhill avenue did yr nannnan and grandad used to live?
  5. I used to live on greenhill avenue my house backed onto the chancet woods. I spent hours in the woods making dens and picking bluebells for my mum. I remember there was 2 allotments where 2 guys used to keep animals- ferrets,goats,chickens etc. Any body else remember the allotments?
  6. I may be interested can you phone me on 07930698166 not to early on saturday as i have been on nights!
  7. Hi Roysboy56 Do you live near manor top now?
  8. My uncle chester used to run that club with my auntie
  9. thanks Rachy I thought we had been missed here!
  10. Daven when you find out how to get a green bin let me know cos i think manor top is the only area in sheffield that hasn't got theirs yet
  11. I got a sticker last week my bin lid was only just open, my neighbours is always open and they didn't get one
  12. Anybody know what happened to the presenter Dave Roberts who used to present the phone in shows at night in the early 90's
  13. Hi chattycathy I remember the school song "Let us strive to be worthy and proud of the nameof the school to which we belong" May we build a tradition ???...... I remember Miss Wood she always walked with her head in the air... I think Mr Hemsby is still with us....Don't know about Mr Grenville he had a serious heart attack right at the end of my school year in 1972....Mr Smith i remember was very tall with brylcreamed dark hair.... Do you remember Mr Wilson the maths teacher? or any of the other p.e. teachers? Hows about Mr Fells the biography teacher...he was rather plump! but he was a very good teacher. Do you remember any more teachers?
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