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  1. It was Gus (Gary) Fordham who put the fork through his foot, as far as I remember. In Colonel Lloyds double digging lesson.
  2. 1973 to 1992 ish. Chemical engraving section but doing the photography. Finished at Pryorsign. Brinsworth. ---------- Post added 27-09-2017 at 19:24 ---------- It was minor bird and used to tell everyone to F*** ***. haha ---------- Post added 27-09-2017 at 19:35 ---------- It was minor bird and used to tell everyone to F*** ***. haha
  3. For those on FACEBOOK, don't forget there is a site dedicated to Old Hackenthorpe called HACKENTHORPE REMEMBERED which now has 2,236 members with thousands of photographs. Why not join and share yore memories, photos & videos. Click on the link below:: Hackenthorpe Remembered
  4. There is group on Facebook for Old Hackenthorpe. lots of photos and memories. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hackenthorpe/
  5. Yes. I still play mandolin, and Mandola (Mandolin tuned). In fact I've just worn the frets away since my earlier post and now needs re-fretting (rattling like mad) LOL but I think i'll just get a new one.
  6. It was Frank White (did he change his name) that played the twin fret gibson for Dave Berry. Check out the photo on this page. Dave Berry & the Cruisers.
  7. Used to play down there as kids. Try to see who could jump across the widest bit until somebody fell in the water (if you could call it that). It was the treated but still smellly water from the sewage treatment plant at Shirebrook. How we never got typhoid I'll never know.
  8. I think this is taken from my Grans window on Woodhouse Avenue. It is looking towards the hill which goes upto Woodhouse past the Recycling yard. The block of houses you can see were on the right hand side of the road heading towards woodhouse and were pulled down to make way for the new road system.
  9. Another addition to the Beighton Album. This is a picture of My mother and other workers at Molinaris Ice Cream. Again late 1940's I would guess. Old Beighton Photos.
  10. Thanks for testing it LOL. I have made the album public now, so It should work. Let me know if it doesn't.
  11. Photos of Beighton & Beighton Folk from the late 1940's. Follow the link: Old Beighton Photos Maybe some of you older ones might recognize someone. lol
  12. Here are a few photos of Beighton & Beighton folk taken around the late 40's. Beighton Photos Hope the link works.
  13. 11:00 to 17:00 Have a look at last years photos of the event on the Sheffield Parks Events Sheffield Parks Events facebook page. You can also join the group to see other events in Sheffields Parks & Open Spaces. Come along to Weston Park on Sunday 22nd May 2011 to enjoy a fun and nostalgic day of entertainment and activities. Weston Whit Fayre is a fantastic day out for all ages with lots to see and do, including: Music from the Bandstand, Carousel, Helter-Skelter and Children’s Rides, Premier Artists Marquee, Treasure Hunt with Park Rangers, Classic and Vintage Cars, Victorians Society, Miniature Steam Train Ride, Food and Refreshment Stalls and much more. New for 2011. This year the Sheffield University Fairground Archive are supporting the event with an Archive and Scale Model Display. The Sheffield Ship Model Society will be holding a Regatta at the event on the Weston Park ornamental pond and will have a static display in the Fairground Archive/Scale Model Marquee.
  14. Thanks, next big event will be the Weston Whit Fayre on the 22nd of May. Please come along, have a look at last years photo album on the facebook page. Sheffield Parks Events
  15. You will have to have a facebook account to access it. If it still doesn't work do a search on facebook for SHEFFIELD PARKS EVENTS.
  16. A new group has been set up on FACEBOOk for events taking place in Sheffield parks and open spaces. Members of the group will be able to create events, invite members, upload photos of the events and make comments. Members will receive notices, updates and changes direct to there FACEBOOK wall. Follow the link: Sheffield Parks Events
  17. I dont know if you remember "Love or Confusion" from the sixties with Phil Brodie / Steve Pinder etc. Last I heard Phil has Franks Twin fret gibson in his collection. Check out the Phil Brodie Band. There is a link to Phil's guitar collection from this link. http://www.philbrodieband.com/
  18. |If you can get on FACEBOOK try this Pictures Of Sheffield Old & New There are 1200 photos of Sheffield to go through but quite a few old ones. There should be an article about it on Look North on Thursday 15/04/2011.
  19. Yes we have one. Very light and easy for my wife to use ;-). Cuts right to the edge and very maneuverable. After 40 years and trying every mower under the sun, we finally found the perfect mower. The only problem is the basket which has mesh on both sides which blow grass cuttings into my Koi pond. I just stuck wide vinyl tape onto one side and keep this side towards the pond.
  20. I have had a crop of forced rhubarb from my plant but now it is throwing up huge flower spikes. I have cut one off, am I doing the right thing or should it be allowed to flower?
  21. I have been told they are called Norton St.Pauls allotments if this helps.
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