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  1. Can anyone remember the Mrs Megsons class at Owler Lane Secondary School 3rdand4th years
  2. Can anyone remember George Broadheadthe last time I spoke to him was one the last reunions at the Ball And he went to Owler Lane sec school
  3. The last time I spoke to him I think he was in Shircliffe tip as a skip driver for the council
  4. The last time I spoke to him I think he was in Shircliffe tip as a skip driver for the council
  5. Can anyone remember John Carnell he went to Owler Lane sec modern from 1958to62 he lived on Chambers Lane
  6. I work on that building for T Ardern and Sons in the 70s when it was refurbished and they also built the sports pavilion as well in fact Ardens did a lot of work for me company
  7. Did Pete Bullock work at the Toll Gate at Pitsmoor
  8. Was the Carbrook Cons the first place the Grimesthorpe Reunions started then moved to the Ball on Upwell street
  9. Mick used to sit next to me at owlerlane school in the 50s and 60s
  10. Pay and Derrick Holiday what they’re in the late 50s early 60s then moved to Pitsmoor
  11. Didn’t the 34and 35 go to the Reform Chapel and sometimes one of them stopped at Hunsley St and reversed up Hunsley Street
  12. Did Brian Steers play football for Grimesthorpe Boys Club. In the late 60s early 70s
  13. The Building Firm I worked for Built a bungalow for the Thomas and Mrs Thomas was a pain in the but to every trade
  14. is there any photos of Cyclops Street from the fortress up to seventy four when we had to leave due to the house clearance
  15. I now a Roger Barr’s that worked for Brightside in the 60 he lived in the high rise flats at the the top of Andover street
  16. Hello does anyone now what happened to Mick Sawards I think he had a pub near the Arena and that’s were the reunions started from we sat next to each other at school at Owler Lane Secondary
  17. I know a Phillip Hurst that l that lived on School Road atHigh Green and he was a joiner there but it must have been in the 50s as know him from 1962
  18. Hello beezeebro the John Arthur Allen I know was married to a Margaret Costello and they got married in 1919 I think she was Irish and when they first got married they lived her mother
  19. Beeper to I think have the wrong Allen’s family John Arthur Allen jun was born in 1898 I think he was born in Alfred Road the family lived at 15Norman Street he got wed in 1920 and lived on the road next to the Staniforth Arms pub then he lived on Don Road he died in I think 1947 he didn’t have a sister called Rosetta hope it helps you
  20. Hi I now this is nothing to do with grimesthorpe but John Arthur Allen son also called John Arthur Allen ran the Billiards hall on Newhall Road just over the bridge going to Attercliffe he lived on the road at the side of Stanithorth Road then moved to Don Road
  21. the Allen family on Norman st was a big one
  22. The Allen family that lived on Norman Street was at the top of Newhall Road were the number 5bus turned around to go back to Southey Green
  23. What number Cyclops Street did May Holmes live and what time the houses on the left side walking up the street were bigger than on the right hand side it made you wonder how families with big families lived there
  24. There was a William Allen at 17Norman Street Attercliff farther John Arthur Mother Fanny née Haugh
  25. There was two Allen family’s lived on Cyclops Street one at 46 and one at 32 not related to one another going back to Owler lane didn’t Mr Wilson have class in the hall with scenes in front of the class
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