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  1. Hiya is there any Costello family members out there
  2. Grimesthorpe was also in Sheffield 4
  3. Hello I lived on Andover Drive in the 80s the people were nice people used to play football on Nottingham Street rec in the 60s till I got married
  4. I know someone that lived on Daisy Bank called John Holiday they were a big family in the 1920s
  5. Hiya would anyone now anyone that lived on Norman St it was at the top of Newhall Rd and the number 5bus used to turn round thanks
  6. Hello does anyone know anything about John Carnell
  7. Didn’t Les Masseys have the Crown for a bit before it closed They also lived on Grimesthorpe Rd
  8. Hiya Sam we’re are living now did you know the lady that lived next door to your ant Anne at 20 Cyclops Street hope your well
  9. Hello everyone could anyone tell me what bombed building was on the right hand side of botham street north and the old lady who lived at number on 18 cyclops street there’s no cyclops street on the map I was looking for the old lady’s name thank you
  10. David 71 the last reunion I went to I was was speaking to George Broadhead as he was in my all my classes at Owler Lane secondary school till 1962 and one or two more I can not remember sorry Raymond Ward was living down Deep Lane at the bottom of Bellhouse Lane the last time I spoke to him Sorry yes I’m doing ok hope your the same
  11. I only want to one reunion and that was at the Ball in 2008
  12. Billy boy there was Raymond Eileen Maureen David Roger Kevin I think there were others but can’t think of them
  13. Billy boy Kevin and Roger were partners in a roofing company I knocked about with Mick for years there were a gang of us that lived on cyclops street
  14. Does anyone now what happened to Roger and Kevin Ward they were roofers I think there were about 10kids I now mick as passed away
  15. That’s not the Wards I mean the ones im talking about lived at number 34 Cyclops St
  16. I’m the Pitsmoor Hotel when there was a break at the Mojo
  17. Does anyone now ware Daisy Bank is in Sheffield
  18. The Downings were gran and mother the kids were called Ward after their dad
  19. Marples family lived in the third house up on the right hand side going up Cyclops St Freda Plant also lived on Grimesthorpe Rd before moving to Cyclops St
  20. Is Freda any relation to the Downing family also from Cyclops Street
  21. As she got a brother called John did they live next door to the Marples family number 16cyclops st I think
  22. Did Freda Plant live with John and Ann Stokes on cyclops street
  23. I worked with Jack Cadman and Ken Longley I left Ardens in the 70sArdens were in Union Carbide from the end of WW2 Jack Cadman started working for Ardens on the Coop funeral parlor at the side of the station
  24. Yes Jack Cadman was a bricklayer for Ardenshe was the Forman for them in the 60s 70s till they went out of business and also he was a great person he used to come and thank for doing a job for him
  25. The Harry Hart I know was a bricklayer for Thomas Arden in the early 60s On Spital Hill
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