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  1. I now when an apprentice you couldn’t get in the Chipy on Spital Hill they would take over the Chipy and the one on Thistle Street
  2. Bowls


    My wife had bell’s on the bottom of her jeans in the 60s and went to the Mojo
  3. Hi I don’t think there’s any pubs open in grimesthorpe that I now off
  4. Beehive pub at Reform Chapel had a football team and they played on Wincobank grounds in the 60s didn’t Grimesthorpe Rd finish at Gower St and wasn’t Sadan St near All saints church
  5. I know the person that lived in the house with the round brickwork on the corner of Botham street and Peter Street her name was Mrs Smith she lived there till 66 then a chap called Bert Bennett and he lived there till they pulled them down
  6. I know the guy that married the girl from the shop on corner of Botham street Peter Street his name was Vic Frettwell
  7. I know the guy that married the girl from the shop on corner of Botham street Peter Street his name was Vic Frettwell
  8. I lived there for 20odd. years I remember the buses reversing up Huntley St so when did they change the name to. Peter St I know someone that lived on the corner of Botham st and Peter St
  9. Gas I thought that was on the corner of Botham Street and Peter St hope you’re well
  10. Hi as anything been built on Cyclops Street we moved out in 1974 for house clearance the last time I went past there was nothing there. the house we lived in was ok it only wanted was bathroom putting in and central heating putting in
  11. Some Froggets lived at the side of Grimesthorpe club
  12. When I played for Grimesthorp boys club I think a lot of lads worked for British Steel as that’s were Bob Hinchcliffs worked we had a decent team at the time
  13. I played for grimesthorp boys club in the late sixties and early seventies with bob hinchcliff
  14. There was a Ken Rawson in my class at Owerlane sec mod in the 50sand beginning of the 60s
  15. I remember your father very well. Him and his brother both worked for Arden s as well you’re farther helped me and my wife moved house in his van he also used to drive the firm’s lorry as well he liked his fags as well you’re mother used to come down to the yard some times I sorry I couldn’t go to his funeral as I was working out of town I we’ll tell you something you couldn’t meet a better man he was thought a lot of at Ardens he worked at union carbide for years for Ardens hope you and your sister are doing well take care
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