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  1. Hi, I was recently dismissed from my job for gross misconduct (health & safety) Misconduct: 1) Selling out of date drink (Innocent juices) On one instance a out of date(1 day) bottle was found on shelf by operation manager. (None were sold, no complain from any customer) It was very busy day at shop and we were like always lack of staff and so shelf checking got delayed. As i am unit manager i was blamed for this that it was my responsibility as manager. Saying that as we are always lack of staff as a manager i have to work similar as other staff, manage them, handle delivery, check stock almost everything. I have only 1 reliable staff at work such is there recruitment. I understand we should not have those drink on shelf (They stayed there few hours on other day) but is this really a reason for dismissal ? 2) Mouse dropping Mouse dropping came in one of the audit which were in staff cloakroom not near any food products also audit said that they were at hard to reach area. We do clean shop regularly. Again as unit manager i was blamed for this. With regards to mouse dropping issue, there were few other instances of this in history but no action was taken for this. This mouse dropping are not severe they are just few bits found and it's the problem with venue and many shops have the same issue. I don't feel this 2 points should result in dismissal as gross misconduct. Again similar issue have been found in other shops in same company but no action were taken on those people but only me. I have been working in this company for 7 years and everyone know my performance and work. But the problem recently is most of the HO have new employee and they are on mission of removing some employees. Before me few people have left the company reason unknown. I would like to know what you people consider the above situation ?? Justified for dismissal ? Is it gross misconduct ? Any other action would have been appropriate then dismissal ?
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