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  1. HI lipsticklor I don't know if you still look on the forum I have just been on waltheof site and just seen an old post of yours. I didn't go to waltheof but a lot of my friends did. I remember you ,Ruth Lawson,Mary Thomas ,Susan Shaw,Susan Stans field.Brenda Fletcher,Marie Akers. The lads I knocked around with were Craig and Wayne Porter' Tony Rodgers' Ken Roddis, Stewart Ratcliffe,Phil Thompson(tommy) and Robin Hazelwood(he went to Rowlinson.If you read this I hope everything is going ok. It is about 55years since I last saw you.
  2. Why be a unitedite.? I'm sure they do it to spite their dads.
  3. Why be a unitedite?. I think they do it to spite their dads.
  4. No I did not know about him having an accident. To be honest I wasn't too interested in scooters, although I did have an LI150 bought from Dan Bradbury's but when I came off it at the end of Manor Lane due to some loose grit after resurfacing, I decided that was enough for me. I put on my three piece suit and started visiting the pubs down town.
  5. Dave Rodgers was in my class at junior school ,he knocked around with Phil, Graham Mason and a few others that won't come to mind at the moment, when they got into scooters. Dave had a light blue vespa.
  6. That's correct he did have a vespa. I last saw him in the early nineties he was working as a BT engineer. He later suffered from MS and when he was ill the lads named in my previous entry met in Half moon to raise some money for his family.
  7. Apparently next season we are fielding 10 tins of tuna plus a tin of salmon in goal because they can leap.
  8. They bring their kids and tell them "don't grow up to be like them"
  9. I know this an old thread but just a few names from the littledale estate 1960 to around 1970. We hung around in two gangs and regularly played football against each other. 1 tony rogers,kenny and malcolm roddis robin hazlewood,clive buckler,craig and wayne porter,stewart ratcliffe,brian revill. 2 steve lowe,david badger,phil ledger(deceased),ronnie storrs,alan cooper,chris macmillan, I also remember the cutts,ian maxted,roy mappin pete johnson john fiddler many others from the half moon. George and margaret were the landlords and of course ethel their long time colleague. Half moon was always packed out every night of the week some great times.
  10. someome on here believes in fairies
  11. Acres Hill infants school, now demolished and housing built on it.
  12. look on the bright side, in the race to the bottom we are ahead of united.
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