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  1. I worked with Nigel at Royal Mail He was a gentleman. A genuine nice guy R I P Nigel.
  2. My workmate a lad called Brian was due to get engaged to his girl friend on Boxing day in the early 1970's. Anyway his girl friend got pregnant and so it was arranged for him to get married straight after Christmas. That meant that he had his bachelor night in mid December. We all met up and eventually ended up in the courtyard at the Stonehouse, after a couple of drinks the Salvation Army came in and started to sing Christmas carols.To allow them to be more visible they were allowed up the stairs to sing on the small balcony and Brian somehow managed to gratecrash the choir and lustily joined in the singing. Unfortunately for him the management took a dim view of this and unceremoniously removed him but boy did we have a good laugh.
  3. I used to frequent the sandwich shop 1980 I worked across the road in the Steel city Post office .
  4. I don't know if you are referring to my mum's story (Enid Tidy ) I am briret not bridget. If it is me you are referring too then I would be happy for you to use it. I don'require any acknowledgement thanks
  5. I hope this story is of interest to you. My mum Enid Tidy now sadly deceased was born in 1923 and lived in Coleford Road she was bombed out on the Sunday night of the Sheffield blitz. Unfortunately I do not know the names of everyone involved because mum related the story to us as children and time takes its toll. When the alarm was sounded the next door neighbours asked if they could come in to my mum's parents shelter, because their shelter was flooded and it was agreed they could. A landmine scored a direct hit on my mum's house and everyone in the shelter was knocked to the floor. My granddad asked them all to state if they were ok and they all said yes but the next door neighbour had lost his false teeth,they were later found still clenched in a piece of malt loaf. The neighbours to the other side stayed in their front room and were found the next day all were dead. The ARP wardens shelter across the road was destroyed and all but one of the wardens were killed.The survivor was apparently stood in the doorway and was blown to safety. My uncles Sidney and George had spent the raid in the cellars of the Darnall Liberal club and at the all clear decided to go sightseeing but did not see any bomb damage until they came to the bottom of their road. My Granddad was an ambulance man at Davy's and my uncles said there was bandages all over the road it looked as though the debris had been trimmed up. My mum's dog Pat dug himself out of the rubble and moved with the family to Motehall Road on the Manor then he disappeared and was found days later sitting on the rubble.
  6. The pub is The Half Moon and it is still open
  7. Greenwood Avenue near acres hill infants school now demolished
  8. My mum lived in Coleford road across from.. the church she was bombed out in 1940.T.he ARP wardens shelter was hit and six of the seven wardens were killed I was born and brought up on the Littledale estate and my mum lived there for 63 years before moving to an old folks home where she passed away in 2018. We always watched the parade with Eric morley leading the way, we also used to see him sometimes in the darnall liberal club where my dad and I became life members(after 25 years membership) . It is sad to see how rundown darnall appears but I have happy memories of the park and going to the saturday matinee at the Lyric cinema
  9. I worked at edward pryor from 1967 to 1977 hated every minute of it but I do remember quite a few people who worked there. Machine shop Ted Belk Brian Cowling Ken Cook Byron Watson Sam Richardson Keith Dalton Steve Spencer Ian Forrester Bob Batty Alf Cooper Terry Watson. Inspection Bert Hay Phil Goddard Tom Morell Doug Knowles Fitting Shop Melvyn Willett Bill Mathers Johnny Ball Trevor Hunston Ernest burkinshaw ad hoc Ron metcalfe Graham Peck and Pete Vernon who still works there after 50 years
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