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  1. someome on here believes in fairies
  2. Acres Hill infants school, now demolished and housing built on it.
  3. look on the bright side, in the race to the bottom we are ahead of united.
  4. I used to work across the road from the Domino it was an ok pint. The best was Red lion Charles Street and they did cracking roast pork sandwiches.
  5. Apprentice engineeer August 1967 three pounds seven and sixpence. At eighteen beer was 1/11 a pint went up the weekend from 1/9.
  6. Have been a wednesdaysite for so long. Take to last game and lose.
  7. My doctors were Mr and Mrs Atwell at corner of Main road and Barnardiston Road Darnall. I can remember sitting in the waiting room in the late fifties on a very cold winter's day. Everyone were sat close to a heater, which was in the middle of the room. People were saying that there was not much heat coming from, it until one guy got up and looked inside to discover a red electric bulb. I remember Mr Atwell visiting me at home on new years eve when I had German measles and felt very illI was about ten at the time.
  8. Cuban missile crisis.Thought we were all going to be blown to kingdom come.
  9. Swanny was my all time footballing hero. As a youngster I watched him from the kop. In later years read his book and it appears that all they were guilty of was having a bet RIP peter thanks for the memories.
  10. My dad Arthur Revill played for PWD from the Mid 1950's to 1967 at their ground at whirlowdale other names I remember Bob Bagshaw,Don Henderson,Frank Froggatt, Billy Hubbard, Barry Rigby his dad Ralph Rigby, Pete and John Lister. Dad also played for Prince of Wales in High Hazels Park.
  11. I think that the shop next to salutation was my uncle Fred's paper shop.It was certainly in that block.
  12. A friend of mine worked there from mid sixties.Time and motion man so not very popular his name is Philip Thompson or (Tommo). as he was known
  13. WWent to Wembley in 1966 as a fifteen year old, my dad got me a ticket on the Friday before the match from a mate who had been working on the west stand. The club had given them 4 tickets between them. I left the ground refusing to watch Everton doing their lap of honour I was devastated. I was still going to the games in the early nineties and and saw that great victory in the league cup. What a win that was. I also went to Wembley for. the two cup finals against Arsenal. We had another couple of good seasons in the following two years (pundits on Five live even tipped Wednesday for the title) Unfortunately it didn't go on from there. Football has been cyclical but the money in the Premier league is making the jump to the premier league farmore difficult .
  14. I was driving home half listening to praise or grumble on Radio Sheffield when they went to interview the then Wednesday manager David Pleat, my 10 year old son said to me "dad just listen to him he talks rubbish". I listened for the next few minutes, to Pleat avoiding questions and answering other questions that were not even asked.That made my mind up for me I wasn't going to give them any more of my money its too hard to come by. I have weakened once or twice over the intervening years but I don't see any light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
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