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  1. Similar to the way I got into the hobby as well.. always been interested in what you could see from long distances as you could see many power stations on the Trent from around here in Derbyshire. Eventually heard the rumour Lincoln Cathedral could be seen from the top of Crich Stand and this led me reading about it and eventually discovering this forum and learning about what you can see from Sheffield and I’ve been interested ever since.
  2. Yeah there isn’t many obstructions to block the chimney from view I would’ve thought. Ah yeah I was wondering what camera you used for the photos as I am thinking of investing in one for these kind of photos. I currently take mine using my smartphone held against the eye piece of my 10x50 binoculars - surprisingly it works well. Yeah would’ve thought it’s possible from Owler Bar on a nice day.
  3. Ah right I did wonder if it was the NYM, amazing how far away you can see from a high vantage point. Near me several of the Shropshire hills (the Wrekin, Long Mynd, Clee Hills etc) can be seen on any clear day. Maybe a long shot, but is it possible to see Ratcliffe on Soar power station from Ringinglow or Grenoside? It’s chimney is 200m tall but it sits a good distance away from Sheffield.
  4. Thanks Impressive photograph thanks for sharing that. The hills behind the Minster must be a fair distance away I imagine.
  5. Cheers 👍 Yeah sounds about right - very different now most of Ferrybridge & Eggborough are gone. Thorpe Marsh on the Don and High Marnham on the Trent are long gone and Cottam will soon follow I imagine. Where about’s is St Helena?
  6. Ahh thanks, this is a subject which continues to interest me. Yeah would be cool if you could get them shots up! Has anyone got any shots of Drax from Sheffield? I imagine it’s layout of cooling towers and massive chimney means it would look quite imposing.. despite being a fair distance away.
  7. Brilliant pictures thanks for posting! The York Minster photos are very impressive. I got a few photos of Lincoln Cathedral and several power stations from the top of Crich memorial tower a few months back, couldn’t find the Humber Bridge though. Can anyone confirm whether the Kilburn White Horse can be seen from the viewpoint at Ringinglow or anywhere around Sheffield?
  8. Anyone see the last 4 cooling towers at Eggborough be demolished last week?
  9. Just watched the chimneys and boiler house at Ferrybridge be demolished on the livestream… just the 3 cooling towers left now.
  10. I’ve now read that it’s the two chimneys and boiler house at Ferrybridge and not the cooling towers which are being demolished on the 22nd 🤨
  11. Just been reading about it. I believe the original plan was to retain those 3 cooling towers for the next station - guess the plan must’ve changed now.
  12. Sad to see another lot of towers be demolished. Sounds like I won’t be able to photograph Eggborough as I imagine it’ll be gone by the time I get up to Ringinglow. Are the chimneys at Ferrybridge still there or have they also gone?
  13. Thanks Thanks and yes Cottam’s chimney will be demolished in the next few years.
  14. Impressive. I will hopefully go up this winter on a nice day and have a look. It’s found near Norton water tower I believe?
  15. I always find it interesting that some people claim Lincoln Cathedral can be seen with the eye alone while others claim binoculars or a telescope is needed. I’m 99% sure I managed to see it from Crich Stand on a cold January evening last year through 10x50 binoculars but I could not make it out by eye. That is from a distance of 41 miles, similar to the Ringinglow to Lincoln distance but I’m aware the direction and aspect is different.
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