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  1. I have a medal in my possion which has the following names inscribed on it John Brown Mayor Henrry Harrison Master Cutler W Butcher Town Collector Question is what was a Town Collector?
  2. Regarding the swimming pool at the Rising Sun, it was built by Hodkin and Jones from Queens road in Sheffield, my Grandfathers company built the Rising Sun pre war the same time as the pool. The center secton of Rising Sun was burnt down in 1953 and I worked on the rebuild. Mrs Holt was the owner at that time and her sister was owner of the pub at the top of Carterknowle road in Sheffield. I also worked on the Girl Guides building ( Glenbrook ) next door, opened by Princess Margeret who wanted ice in her gin and tonic!.
  3. Hi Polly, I was the building foreman in charge of converting the old tennis club to the Omega for Sheffield Refreshment Houses, part of Kenwood hotel and various other hotels, Mr Milnes was the managing director then. ( we also built Kenwood Hall and various other extensions to the main house including a flat for Mr Dixon , of Dixons mint rock fame who was the chairman of the board ) I went to the opening function and I have the original menu, the ladies present were given a silver/gold omega charm, We converted the building in 12 weeks!. I have several photos taken during construction including some by the telegraph and star. All the sub contractor firms were shareholders. I can be contacted on nearly.perfect@talktalk.net, hope to hear from you soon Kind regards, tom tertius
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