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  1. Oh so now i understood the question. I thought that he's asking to revert back to previous windows or re-install it back.
  2. Yeah i also really enjoyed JOKER, wished i watched it in cinemas.
  3. If you want to install windows 10 in a new ssd so i don't know why you are worrying about to update from 7 to 10. Make a fresh install and keep updating windows 10 with the latest updates. They are all free.
  4. How do you do it? Should one use a VPN server, DNS codes or are there other alternatives? Which particular service do you use and can you recommend it?
  5. Those men must be brought to justice with strict punishment.
  6. Hello all my virtual friends. Kathrin here from Frankfurt, Germany. Hoping to have a nice stay at sheffieldforum. See ya all in the threads :D
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