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  1. Okay cheers guys, working hours will be 9-5, I’d be coming from parkway side of town. Was thinking near the tram stop towards just before ponds forge area worth looking (Hyde park tram stop)
  2. Hello I am going to be working in Sheffield town centre on fargate. I am wanting to drive in and park is there anywhere round that’s free to park, I don’t mind a 15/20 min walk. cheers
  3. cheers guys. thats true, I am clumsy person but I suppose I could youtube it to get the basics right. and will help for future reference. Emailed a couple of places and got quotes around £100 for al the four doing. One of the garages did offer to do the lot including alloys powder coated too for £300 so half tempted to do that
  4. As per title. When googling majority are for other places all over the uk bar south yorkshire. Just looking for a garage that will paint alloys and also brake calipers Rotherham will be alright as well cheers.
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