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  1. They should axe all the elected Mayors with the exception of the London Mayor. Also the elected Police Commissioners should be axed. We need less politicians and not more.
  2. Of course Boris Johnson took responsibility by allowing her to keep her job. Unlike Starmer Boris is a winner and doesn't have to look for scapegoats after election results.
  3. All what mattered is the the Labour candidate as a former MP disrespected the will of the British people which was to leave the EU and helped to block the implementation of Brexit. He was a sore loser after the 2016 EU referendum and is a sore loser after the Hartlepool by election result. The Westminster Parliament and Hartlepool is a better place without his sort. Labour’s candidate for the Hartlepool by-election has been branded ‘graceless’ for storming off after a crushing defeat. Dr Paul Williams was filmed leaving without giving a concession speech or thanking his staff after the Tories won the seat by nearly 7,000 votes. Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/07/hartlepool-labour-candidate-walks-off-without-speech-after-landslide-defeat-14536039/?ito=cbshare Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/ https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/07/hartlepool-labour-candidate-walks-off-without-speech-after-landslide-defeat-14536039/
  4. It's far too early for the Labour Party to be even a remote threat to the Conservative Government. At the moment normal people who traditionally voted for Labour haven't forgiven the Labour Party for attempting to shamelessly cheat them out of their democratic choice to leave the corrupt EU. One of the chief architects of the attempted democracy theft is Barrister Boy Starmer the former shadow Brexit Secretary. The only positive for Labour Party since the December 2019 General Election is they are no longer led by a terrorist sympathiser and friend of the IRA terrorist Gerry Adams. However Barrister Boy Starmer the replacement has performed poorly in Parliament with his predictable style of questioning. Instead of addressing important issues Barrister Boy Starmer plays the man and wastes his questions on old washerwoman tabloid gossip. The best the Labour Party can hope for is the Conservative Party MPs stab Boris in the back in a similar way they did to the late great Margaret Thatcher. At this current time in history, the fate and fortunes of the Labour Party are out of their own member's hands.
  5. The truth is the job as Labour leader is a poison chalice while Boris Johnson is leader of the Tories.
  6. It was like taking candy from a baby for the Tories as a consequence of the Labour party choosing a remainer as candidate in Hartlepool.
  7. The Jersey and French fishermen normally do work together and cooperate with each other. There will be French fishermen based in Jersey. Some Jersey fishermen are unhappy that Jersey officials are meeting French fishermen on French fishing boats. It's the French politician who has caused the trouble by threatening to cut off the French electric supply. Everything will soon be sorted out.
  8. The planning has been done by the French to mark the 200th anniversary of their defeated war leader Napolean. It's quite appropriate for the UK Prime Minister to send the Royal Navy to an area where the French are making threats.
  9. Jersey have their own tax laws and British businesses and individuals can legally benefit from any tax havens located worldwide. The UK has a responsibility to Jersey because it's a Crown dependency. You're correct and it was a mistake. Both Tory and Labour Government are guilty of not promoting and supporting nuclear power for decades. The French have outperformed the UK considerably in the Nuclear energy sector for decades.
  10. Yes market forces is the main reason. The problem now is that EDF is 85% owned by the French Government. Having foreign owned companies responsible for energy supplies is proving to be a big mistake. The Cameron Government made a wrong decision by allowing both the Chinese and French to get involved in building and running nuclear power stations in the UK.
  11. Same reason why EDF supply the UK mainland with electricity. The very fact Jersey is only a few miles from the coast of France made it logical to run electric supply cables on the seabed from France to Jersey rather than from England to Jersey. Jersey still does have it's own power station. https://www.jec.co.uk/the-energy-blog/la-collette-power-station/ Your comments are hardly a surprise given the flag you're displaying as your avatar picture. It's quite clear where your allegiances lie.
  12. Do you think it's reasonable for the French to threaten to cut off the elect supply of innocent Jersey citizens? Do you think the EU were reasonable when they intended to block the movement of covid -19 vaccines across the Ireland border into Northern Ireland? I wouldn't have a problem if the Royal Navy moved warships to the Channel Islands area to carry out practice exercises.
  13. That's just your own anti Brexit bias view point. Brexit has now happened and every UK citizen should now support their own Government regarding any disputes with the EU. They could start by expelling a number French diplomats similar to the action taken after the Salisbury poisoning towards Russian diplomats.
  14. It's still early days and I expect the UK Government to take unilateral action if the EU continue to behave unreasonable. Like wise I expert the UK Government to take tough action against the French if they continue to threaten to cut off the electric supply for Jersey. Rule Britannia.
  15. The police should have waited until the outcome of the criminal trial before taking any disciplinary action against Chauvin. The filming of the incident and the huge amount of publicity it received made it very difficult for Chauvin to receive a fair trial. I don't disagree that it was correct that Chauvin was found guilty of one of the charges. The charge I refer to is the UK's equivalent of manslaughter.
  16. I think the UK legal system attempts to make sure everyone gets a fair trial which might be one reason for the delay. It is only recently that the names of the Police Officers involved in the incident have been named in the media. The fact that they are still serving Police Officers makes a fair trial more possible unlike what happened in the USA when Chauvin was sacked immediately after the incident and thrown under the bus.
  17. Yes, I acknowledge it was possible for every EU member to source their own vaccines in the same way the UK have done. The reality is that Brexit forced the UK Government to stand up on their own feet on many issues which is one of the reasons I supported the UK leaving the EU. In the past I've acknowledged membership of the EU has been used by previous UK Governments as an excuse for doing nothing over issues that had a negative impact on the UK. Now the UK has fully left the EU then future UK Governments can no longer pass the buck. Boris Johnson wouldn't have been Prime Minister if Parliament hadn't blocked the implementation of Brexit during Theresa May's time as Prime Minister. I don't blame Boris Johnson for any covid-19 related deaths. You make a valid point. The phrase 'Suffer the consequences' springs to mind.
  18. You need to do the right thing and retract the negative feedback. Fair play for owning up on the forum and admitting your mistake.
  19. I think you're confusing him with some one else.
  20. The anti Brexit brigade refuse to accept that the UK vaccine rollout has been so successful because of Brexit. If Remain had won the EU referendum the UK would have followed Germany, France etc and relied on the EU to sort out the vaccine program. Hungary were the first EU country to source their own vaccine (Russian) because of the slow poorEU effort.
  21. I thought all gay people were atheists. The Church of England certainly isn't foreign. The Catholic mob have a foreign leader, but I think the German Pope has now retired and handed the gig over to an Argie.
  22. I stated Germany dominates the EU and the website I referred to backs up that statement. The reason why Germany exports more than the UK is because they have a much stronger manufacturing sector than the UK which is why the single market is a huge benefit for them. Brexit is a long term project which hasn't been helped in the short term by a once in one hundred year pandemic meaning it's far to soon for any British industry to enjoy the benefits. I never voted to leave the EU for economical reasons but am confident the UK will still thrive and been one of the World's largest and richest economies for ever and a day. Just for completeness the biggest benefit so far from leaving the EU is the huge success of the covid-19 vaccine program which would certainly not have happened as early if the UK had voted to remain in the EU. Rule Britannia
  23. 52% of the electorate voted to leave the EU in a single issue referendum which was far the best democratic way of deciding the UK's future relationship with the EU. Less than 50% of the electorate could have prevented the UK from leaving the EU if the 2019 December General Election had delivered a non Tory majority. If the electorate had not wanted to leave the EU bad enough they could have chosen to elect a Lib Dem Government led by Jo Swinson who pledged to revoke Article 50 and keep the UK in the EU. I wasn't talking about the number of MEPs. There is plenty of evidence out there to support German domination of the EU. This is just one example. How Merkel’s Germany dominates the EU Germany’s share of the Single Market is FOUR TIMES that of the UK https://www.facts4eu.org/news/2019_aug_germany#
  24. Respect for ones own country is also respecting and supporting a democratic choice the majority of the electorate made. Brexit could have been stopped at the 2019 December General Election because any result other than a good Tory working majority would have prevented the UK leaving the EU. Just for completeness any change in Government's policies means there are winners and losers. For example the change to promoting greener initiatives means the days of the coal merchants are numbered. The difference with Brexit is every adult had the opportunity to have their say via the ballot box.
  25. When the UK joined the EEC in the 70's it was only just over 25 years after the Germans were defeated in World War II. At that time many people still would not buy German or Japanese cars because of what happened in the war. The EEC was sold to the UK public as a trading organisation and not the political organisation dominated by Germany that it turned into. Both those who risked their lives and those who respected those who lost their lives voted to leave the monster EU what it turned into.
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