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  1. It was an easy mistake to make because there aren't many famous Arlene's about. Of course Nigel Farage is real and the UK have really left the EU.
  2. You own personal biased opinions can hardly be judged to to be an accurate description of our democratically elected Prime Minister. It's a historic fact Brexit has been done. You're clearly confused and ignorant. The former chancellor under Boris Johnson and new health secretary Sajid Javid voted and campaigned to remain in the EU. The reason why Sajid Javid is still a Tory MP and as held two important positions in the cabinet during Boris Johnson's time as Prime Minister is because he respects democracy and now supports Brexit as well as having the ability necessary to do the important jobs given. to him by our Prime Minister.
  3. A good point. The Honda Civic was a great car but both Toyota and Nissan manufacture some excellent cars which are seen everywhere on British roads today.
  4. Brexit can't be blamed for the closure of the Honda factory at Swindon. The Toyota factory near Derby isn't closing and if anything the Nissan factory at Sunderland is expanding which are also not a consequence of Brexit.
  5. They just embarrass themselves by resorting to name calling. I'm just reporting the real truthful facts. No knots, no twisting and no turning.
  6. The former Northern Ireland first minster Arlene Foster is joining the GB News team. The lady was a guest on Nigel Farage's show last week. Nigel Farage mistakenly called her Arlene Philips.
  7. All the Tory cabinet support Brexit. I seem to remember Boris withdrawing the whip from anti Brexit Tory MPs before the last general election. That is how he managed to get Brexit done by fielding only candidates in the 2019 December general election who supported Brexit. I don't adore the PM or any politicians. I support the good work he and his team have been doing in a very difficult time for our country. It goes without saying most of the World have been having a difficult time as well.
  8. The leave campaign was a cross political party campaign not officially supported by any of the major political parties. I seem to remember a good Labour lady MP at the time called Gisela Stuart (born in Germany) who was both the chairperson and leader of the leave campaign. There were members of both David Cameron's Tory Government and Theresa May's Tory government who were not involved in the leave campaign and supported remaining in the EU. You deserve to win a coconut for your contribution because it's true there are members of Boris Johnson's Tory government who were involved in the leave campaign.
  9. As Mrs Merton used to say "Give yourself a big clap" for dreaming up that example. The truth is the £350 million figure on the bus proved to be a bit of an own goal for the leave campaign. The truth also is the whole issue was fully debated before the EU referendum vote and any sane person eligible to vote should have been capable of making their own minds up about whether the UK were contributing too much to the EU budget.
  10. Oh dear, you continue to embarrass yourself. I mentioned the Geneva Convention and stated at one time the first safe country was adopted and accepted by International law. A good tip is when you're in a hole is to stop digging. Any reasonable person acknowledges the facts stated in your post. Also anyone who has observed one of these car wash sites should be able to realise they aren't legitimate businesses. What legitimate business employs 4 or 5 people to sit around doing nothing for many hours of the day? I've observed 4 so called car wash workers sat doing nothing at 6.30 pm in the evening when most similar legitimate businesses will have finished trading for the day.
  11. It wasn't actually a lie. However, it would have been better if the leave campaign had quoted a net figure which is more like £250 million a week. I understand one reason for not using the net amount is because the EU decided where some of the rebate amount was to be spent. The Tory government were not responsible for the leave campaign's actions.
  12. There is no logic to support that the recent new criminal activity of inflatable boats being used to transport economic migrants to UK waters is connected to Brexit. However, it's logical to claim the Schengen agreements is a massive help to the criminals in order for the economic migrants to make their way to the French coast around the Calais area. Just remind me who predicted the English channel would be swamped with economic migrants making their way to the Kent coast on inflated boats before the EU referendum vote. You make yourself look silly praising the Dublin asylum agreement when you admit to not knowing how useful it is. These links may help to improve your ignorance. Dublin agreement on returning asylum seekers is almost completely useless https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/press-release/528/dublin-agreement-on-returning-asylum-seekers-is-almost-completely-useless Why Dublin "Doesn't Work" https://www.cidob.org/en/publications/publication_series/notes_internacionals/n1_135_por_que_dublin_no_funciona/why_dublin_doesn_t_work
  13. Of course it is. The same criminals organising these illegals inflatable boat journeys deal in activities such as drug smuggling. However, they recently learnt a new modern lucrative criminal activity involving less risks to them personally thanks to the EU Schengen agreement and the untrustworthy French. I voted to leave the EU. At least you've acknowledged the Dublin agreement on asylum is about as useful as a chocolate French coffee pot in returning economic migrants pretending to be refugee asylum seekers to where they first entered the EU.
  14. Nonsense. The problem and the numbers would be exactly the same if the UK had remained in the EU. The inflatable boat method of economic migrants getting to the UK only started a few years ago and escalated because the criminal gangs have learnt thanks to the French it works. Very few asylum seekers were ever sent back to the first safe country within the EU while the UK were still in the EU because it's difficult to even prove where they first entered the EU due to a lack of finger print evidence. What we do know is if every economic migrant who makes the journey to England on an inflatable boat has been on French soil and that is where they all should be sent back to.
  15. I guess that's one way of looking at the situation. Giving the French the odd £50 million handout is much more prudent than handing over £350 million every week to the EU.
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