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  1. The MP in question would have had some credibility if he had decided to be an independent MP after leaving the Tory party. The MP attracted negative publicity by his behaviour in relationship to positions he continued to hold on Lancashire council after winning the seat in the 2019 general election.
  2. There can be no guarantee he will be selected as a candidate for Labour at the next general election. Neither the local Labour supporters or the Tories will want him.
  3. That's a fair comment. I personally believe bye elections should only happen if the sitting MP has died or the sitting MP has had to resign for wrong doing. Bye elections are a burden on the taxpayer and for that reason I believe it should be against the rules for a sitting MP to switch parties during a term in parliament. Rather than switching parties a sitting MP should become an independent MP if he or she wants to leave the party they stood for in the general election. David Davis is a disgrace. David Davis is a strong supporter of Brexit which wouldn't have happened if it was not for Boris becoming prime minister. The period after the 2016 EU referendum until the December 2019 general election was the worse time in our country's democratic history due to the rogue parliament who blocked Brexit which was the electorate's democratic choice. Boris saved our country and all elected Tory MPs should stay loyal to him for that reason alone.
  4. There's a good argument for making it 6.30pm in the dark winter months.
  5. Exactly the same view regardless of who the MP defects to. The MP for Bury South wouldn't have been elected if it was not for Boris just like all the Tory MPs in what were traditional Labour seats wouldn't have been elected. The MP for Bury is a disgrace in defected to a party led by such a dishonest person who wanted to cheat the electorate out of their democratic choice which was to leave the EU.
  6. The electorate for Bury South democratically elected a Tory MP and not a Labour MP. They will get a chance to choose a MP from a different party at the next general election just like every constituency will. The defected MP clearly has no respect for democracy.
  7. If you live in a decent neighbourhood then it's not normal to hear noise late at night and in the early morning hours. Someone living near where takeaways are located choose to live in an area where there is late night noise. Normal decent residential areas have to suffer the inconvenience of vans delivering all sorts of stuff including supermarket food through out the day light hours which never happened before the days of online shopping. These takeaway deliveries are another new nuisance non lazy respectable normal people have to endure which spoils the peace and quiet. In my opinion legislation needs to be introduced to stop all deliveries including takeaways after 8.00 pm in an evening.
  8. A good point well made. You're correct to point out it's not only druggies who are ordering these late night / early morning takeaway deliveries. Pregnant women with food cravings are also responsible for causing inconvenience for their neighbours by having takeaway deliveries late at night and in the early morning.
  9. I'm happy to pay for the TV licence each year. I don't pay for any channels such as sky. I guess when people are paying for TV channels they are not as happy as me to pay the £159 to fund the BBC. Also many people are paying a fortune each month for phone contracts which didn't happen in the old days. Then there is broadband which is another monthly out going for many households which didn't happen in the old days. The BBC is by far the best channel to cover important national events and it would be a shame if their channels are not available to everyone in the future.
  10. I save the Ruddles for others. I understand it will be 99p a pint at least throughout January. Ruddles is normally around £1.65 a pint which I assume is because it's not very strong. Spirits are also 99p a measure at the moment. The point is there are no shortages and prices haven't gone up since Brexit.
  11. It's a sensible initiative by Morrisons as a consequence of far too much drinkable milk being thrown down the sink because of use by dates. The life of milk can be affected by such things as the weather and how the milk is stored. Anything that encourages less wastage should be encouraged and this is the only goal of Morrisons on this issue.
  12. Brexit is still going well. No shortages to report. Guest ales in Wetherspoons are still only £1.99 a pint and Ruddles Best is on sale at only 99p a pint which was the price of beer in the 1980's. It's a shame we never left the EU earlier and the democratic result wasn't implemented early.
  13. The original poster makes a valid point. Although these takeaway delivery services provide opportunities for some they cause problems and inconvenience for others. I have it on good authority that these delivery services continue until the early hours of the morning and it's often difficult for delivery drivers to identify house numbers in darkness which causes problems for normal people who want a good nights sleep. The type of people who want these late night /early morning takeaway deliveries are often drug users who have been busy inhaling illegal substances which apparently creates an appetite for some kinds of takeaway food. The takeaway delivery business most certainly needs to be looked at for numerous reasons.
  14. You make a valid point. I support international travel bans for all non normal people. We have learned from the pandemic that international travel bans are acceptable and implemented. The World will be a much safer place if international travel bans for the undesirables is the norm after the pandemic is over.
  15. Judging by what happened in Texas over the weekend Donald Trump was correct in wanting a Muslim travel ban for people entering America but should have included Muslims from every country including the UK.
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