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  1. Absolute nonsense from Halifax. The only reason I'm not closing my account is because Halifax are still present in the high streets I frequent unlike most of the other banks.
  2. What on earth are you rambling on about?
  3. Thankfully Boris is coming home to restore some decorum. It's a good job he's only been away a week.
  4. Nonsense. If English was your first language you would know the politicians were talking about a future event (EU referendum vote) and not a past event which had already happen (EU referendum vote) The David Cameron comments should have helped you to date the videos. Even more nonsense.
  5. I seem to recall there was a misunderstanding about some banter I posted about Mr Kipling cakes. Not aware of any allegations of homophobic or bullying. Absolutely no interest in what Boris gets up to of a private nature.
  6. Still none the wiser. Are you suggesting Boris is gay and has a gay lover?
  7. You must be confusing me with another poster. I never get on high horse.
  8. I've heard that there is a big problem in Oxford Street, London where landlords are allowing dubious businesses to rent properties in order to avoid liability for business rates.
  9. It's rather amusing to hear the news that Bernie Ecclestone would take a bullet for Putin.
  10. Only old washer women are interested in such nonsense.
  11. I believe your memory is playing tricks. The terms hard and soft Brexit only became widely used after the democratic British people voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016. A hard Brexit never materialised because the UK didn't leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement and a trade deal was negotiated between the UK and EU.
  12. I remember what was said and discussed at the time. Unlike some of the anti Brexit / anti democratic mob I don't try to re write history.
  13. Very impressive performance by Elizabeth Truss in interviews on breakfast news programs this morning. She didn't take any nonsense from those asking the questions who weren't really interested in what the British government are doing to try and help Ukraine.
  14. You should stop writing nonsense. Nonsense. It was made perfectly clear before the EU referendum vote that leaving the EU also meant leaving the single market. Those voting to leave the EU who were the majority of the electorate voted to completely leave the EU which has been implemented thanks to the leadership of Boris.
  15. Nonsense. Scotland can't hold a legal binding independence referendum without the permission of the UK government. Even Nicola Sturgeon acknowledges that fact.
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