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  1. What you're doing is mocking the good people of Sunderland who made their democratic choice to vote Leave. It's because of the likes of you who mock democracy that countries like China and other other dictatorships will only get stronger as a consequence of what has happened since the UK voted to leave the corrupt EU. Just for completeness the way Donald Trump has behaved since he lost a democratic vote has also weakened the democratic process.
  2. l voted to leave the EU and just like leave voters in Sunderland was promised nothing by any of the leave campaigns. Stop making things up.
  3. I believe the majority of people in Sunderland voted to leave the EU which included many people who worked at the Nissan factory and in other businesses that benefit from the Nissan factory being located in Sunderland. The people who live and work in Sunderland heard all the debates before the EU referendum vote and weighed up all the pros and cons of remaining in the corrupt EU and voted accordingly for their own reasons. Not all voters decide their decisions for selfish reasons.
  4. Wow. There is nothing set in stone that a cabinet minister has to resign or be sacked for breaching the ministerial code. Priti Patel will receive a written warning and has already made an apology. All you really need to know is that as the sole arbiter of the rules, the prime minister decides if there has been a breach of the ministerial code. The prime minister has decided that Priti Patel hasn't breached the ministerial code.
  5. I asked because ECCOnoob provided ample evidence from the inquiry report to support it is not proven that Priti Patel has bullied anyone.
  6. I've only stated what happens in the real World. What difference does it make whether I employ people or not. I'm not saying it's right only that it happens.
  7. Have you not read ECCOnoob's recent posts regarding the inquiry?
  8. In the case of Priti Patel it's not been proven that she has committed a sackable offence. The evidence against her is just opinions. In the real World outside of the public sector a business has to take the commercial implications into account whether to terminate an employee who has committed a sackable offence. The reality is an employee who is excellent at their job is likely to be treated more leniently than an employee who is poor at their job.
  9. Hopefully you will receive the vaccine before Winter is over. The phase 2 results from the Oxford / AstraZeneca indicate those over 60 will be equally protected as the 18 plus group. If everything goes to plan there should be enough vaccines available for everyone early next year. The big worry is that too many people will ignore the advice as we get nearer Christmas resulting in more deaths and risk over stretching the NHS. We all can give children a good Christmas without unnecessary risking the heath of the vulnerable.
  10. I've been consistent throughout. I've acknowledged there is a fine line between pressurising an individual to do their job better and bullying an individual to do their job better. Priti Patel hasn't been found guilty in a court of law of bullying anyone. However, the Home Office isn't a Kindergarten and I don't have a problem if a highly paid worker in that department is bullied in order to encourage them to do the job properly which the taxpayer is paying them to do. I don't believe Priti Patel is doing a bad as Home Secretary which is the main reason I don't want to see her lose her job. I don't have a problem with Boris giving Priti Patel the benefit of the doubt in order for her to remain as Home Secretary. I find it rather amusing you criticise me for calling another user out for changing Priti Patel's surname when a forum moderator has made it perfectly clear on the Labour Party thread that changing the surname of Keir Starmer is unacceptable. Surely if it's unacceptable to change the surname of a Labour politician then it's unacceptable to change the surname of a Tory politician? Or do you believe there should be different posting rules on the Conservative Party thread to the Labour Party thread?
  11. A good point. Priti Patel was advised to use her husband's surname before she became a MP to help further her political career. At the very least it's bad manners to change the surname Priti Patel chooses to use.
  12. Once the vaccines are rolled out it will only be a few weeks difference from individuals lower down the priority list getting the vaccine from those higher up. I don't mind patiently waiting in the queue while those more vulnerable than me and key workers get the vaccine first.
  13. Her name is Priti Patel. You're embarrassing yourself and acting like a silly schoolboy by changing her name. Priti Patel believed the department which she was the head of wasn't being run properly. At the end of the day it's her head for the chop if the Home Office isn't performing as it should. Sometimes workers need a good rollicking in order to get them to pull their socks up and to their job properly. In the private sector there isn't as much mollycoddling going on as in the public sector meaning the workers are less likely to act like snowflakes when the boss has reason to criticise their work.
  14. Discussing the private life of Boris should be left to washer women. Boris has rejected the findings of the report which is his prerogative. Pritti Patel has graciously apologised if she unintentionally upset anyone. She went on to say her department does very challenging work which can make the difference between life and death. In my opinion anyone easily upset shouldn't really be working in the department that Pritti Patel is head of.
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