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  1. The argument about Boris wanting his supporters behind to cheer him on doesn't really hold water when only 50 MPs are allowed in the chamber at one time. There can only be a maximum of 25 Tory MPs in the chamber at one time which is the same as when the virtual Parliament was happening before lockdown restrictions started to ease.
  2. Yes, I understand the sensible key message of encouraging people to work from home where possible. I also understand the logic behind Rees-Mogg's thinking given the fact vast numbers of workers don't enjoy the luxury of being able to work in the safety of their own homes which is why I made my comment rather than joining in criticising the Tory Government. I personally don't have a problem whether MPs work from home or work in the House of Commons. When large numbers of people are gathering all over the country either protesting or visiting tourist resorts and ignoring social distancing then wherever the MPs work will make no difference to whether there is a second peak of the coronavirus.
  3. Rees-Mogg stated a few weeks ago that the MPs should go back to the House of Commons to carry out their work to set a good example to the rest of the country who are slowly being asked to go back to work. Not every worker can work from home such as supermarket workers who have continued to work putting themselves more at risk throughout the lockdown. You can bet the media would be criticising Rees-Mogg if he was encouraging all MPs to stay at home and allow them to vote on important matters while taking their dog for a walk or doing something else at the same time. Whatever decisions the Government make the media and those opposing Boris Johnson will think of some negative angle as part of the point scoring game they are more interested in playing than trying to unite the country during these difficult times.
  4. The parents of missing Madeleine are well educated people who have done their best to keep the story alive with the hope of finding their daughter alive one day. Claudia Lawrence's father has done the same by seeking the media to keep the story alive in the hope of one day finding out what happened to his missing daughter.
  5. Not really sure what you mean because it's clearly not right a child should be abducted. If the now chief suspect didn't have a criminal record thirteen years ago then it's not a surprise he went under the radar of the international police investigating at the time and the months and years after the crime was committed. All will become clearer if charges are made and the suspect is found guilty in a court.
  6. The news report I saw was the week before lockdown in March at the same time when there were reports of crowds of people going to the main tourist areas such as the coast and areas like Snowden. I can see the logic in comparing Eyam and the plague to the current coronavirus purely for historical purposes but as you say with the number of idiots about it was foreseeable that visitors to Eyam would increase as a consequence of the report.
  7. The capacity is always going to be much higher than actual daily tests carried out. It's a two way process people have to make the effort to have tests done. It's good news that the capacity for the antibody test has risen to 40,000 a day and will continue rising. Yes I know but because of the outbreak of the coronvirus Eyam attracted a larger number of tourists than is normal at the time of the year in March just before the lockdown.
  8. I agree with you about this. The week before the lockdown started Eyam had a number of tourists walking around the village. The locals were rightly angry with them. One ignorant tourist complained about the attitude of the locals and said he wouldn't return again to spend his money there.
  9. You're more or less acknowledging your problem with Dominic Cummings is because of Brexit rather than any minor coronavirus lockdown rule-breaking. The politicians who opposed Brexit believe without Cummings advising Boris Johnson a closer future relationship with the EU will happen. Boris Johnson is a good politician and no good politician will break up an election winning team just because their political opponents and hostile media want him to.
  10. The woman in question wasn't involved in the vote leave or Tory general election campaigns meaning she hasn't made as many political and media enemies as Dominic Cummings baying for blood. The media and opposition parties tried and failed to get Dominic Cummings sacked for the actual trip to Durham to where he self-isolated on an isolated farm with members of his normal household and failed. The media and opposition parties then moved their attention to the test trip to make sure the problem with his eyesight didn't reoccur when driving where he ended up near Barnard Castle and still haven't managed to get him sacked. If Dominic Cummings had taken a bike ride with the same members of his household and ended up near Barnard Castle then that wouldn't have been against any rules but no less or more risk of putting others in danger of the coronavirus. No doubt the media have made enquires to try and find out if there is any evidence that Dominic Cummings broke the speed limit on the way back from Durham or to see if there are any CCTV pictures at a petrol station showing him breaking the social distancing rules. Quite frankly the whole Cummings political point-scoring saga has been an embarrassing distraction for Britain at a time when all politicians and the media should be working together as Britain starts slowly to come out of what has always been a too lenient lockdown.
  11. Experts like Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance don't just talk about the coronavirus at the Downing Street briefings. They need access to a large number of laboratories in order to carry out a large amount of daily tests. The access to a large number of laboratories wasn't available on 11th March. Revenue statistics by country doesn't tell us how many laboratories are available for each country to carry out testing. It's a fact that the large German pharmaceutical industry that already had a high number of laboratories available for testing is why the were available to carryout many more daily coronavirus tests than Britain at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Germany is a country nearer to the same size in population terms and geographical location than the USA which is why I'm using Germany as an example of a country who appear to have managed the coronavirus crisis much better than Britain. I also believe the German people are more disciplined than the British people and that is likely to be one reason they have had many fewer coronavirus related deaths than Britain. I made a similar point regarding tracking and tracing which is that alone it won't reduce the coronavirus death rates. You're entitled to your own personal opinions regarding the Government handling of the coronavirus that I don't share.
  12. At the very beginning when the first cases of the coronavirus were identified in Britain they did use testing and tracing but it became clear the infrastructure that a country like Germany had because of their big pharmaceutical industry wasn't present in Britain which is why it wasn't possible to have large scale testing and tracing in the early days of the coronavirus. One of the scientific or medical experts stated the Government had to use the tools which were available at the time to deal with the pandemic. Draconian laws would have been an effective tool to achieve a lower death rate because of the pandemic. Testing and tracing alone will not reduce the death rate or stop another peak. The general public lacking collective discipline in Britain is the main reason that we have experienced such a high coronavirus death rate. Attempting to use Cummings as a scapegoat and blaming poor leadership is just media generated nonsense for the reason why so many British people have sadly lost their lives during this global pandemic. The sad truth is the best case scenario is coronavirus death numbers of around 100 day will continue for many weeks or even months after the lockdown has ended unless a vaccine is found soon and the worst case scenario is there will be a second peak resulting in the high hundreds of daily coronavirus related deaths again.
  13. I said at the start of the lockdown that the lockdown wasn't strict enough. People shouldn't have been allowed to go out on long bike rides and allowed to use exercise as a loop hole to leave their homes. At the time I thought Derbyshire police were correct in using the drone footage to shame people to stay at home and not make unnecessary journeys but they were criticised for doing so by the media. The same media are now castigating Dominic Cummings for doing nothing worse than the people Derbyshire police showed on their drone footage. The whole Dominic Cummings saga has just been a political point scoring exercise because if a Doctor who normally works in London had done the same as him and gone on a test trip the day before making a longer journey back to his place of work then the Doctor would have been praised for his efforts and dedication. Boris Johnson has been reluctant to limit and take away the normal freedoms everyone enjoys in this country. I personally would have preferred the lockdown to have been stricter and ruthlessly enforced by the authorities from day one using the military. It would have been much better and more effective to have had a zero tolerance regime for one month rather than a relaxed lockdown which has gone on for over ten weeks now. However, we don't live in a country like China which is why the public have been given so much freedom and choice in how to behave during this global pandemic in Britain.
  14. I think it has been reported some councils have reopened toilets after saying they would remain closed in an attempt to discourage tourists and sun seekers. It's been reported there have been long queues for council toilets that have opened in tourist areas. There is no doubt the Government have made mistakes during the coronavirus crisis but the general public are to blame for many of the consequences of the pandemic in this country which is because too many members of the public don't have any common sense.
  15. Yes the same fool Corbyn who was Labour leader when Theresa May fought the 2017 General Election and lost her majority. Let's think what two things changed since the 2017 General Election and the December 2019 General Election. One change was that Boris Johnson became Tory Party leader and the second change was that Dominic Cummings became the adviser to the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings = Election and referendum Victories.
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