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  1. You've got it the wrong way round. The desperation was on the part of those who wanted to see the ex police officer found guilty of murder. It's irrelevant that the jury was sequestered. Biden should have waited until the verdicts were delivered before making any comments.
  2. Excellent, you don't care for the current crop of politicians elected nationally to govern the country and think a regional assembly will be more to your liking. What happens if a new regional assembly is run by politicians not to your liking then will you be crying out for a more district assembly? We have regular general elections where the whole electorate gets a chance to change any government, not to their liking. Boris Johnson hasn't stated the new briefing room is no longer required. Regarding the cost of the new Downing Street briefing room, neither you nor I am qualified to judge whether it is a waste of taxpayer's money. Future elected governments will benefit from the new facilities for many years to come long after Boris Johnson has vacated Downing Street.
  3. Get a grip man. You live in North England and not North Korea. I don't want to see more taxpayer's money wasted on creating local assemblies or whatever you want to call them. We have 650 MPs (less Sinn Fein/IRA) who sit in the Westminster Parliament that represent all the regions throughout the UK.
  4. Biden should have kept quiet until after the verdict. A fair verdict would have been guilty of the UK's equivalent of manslaughter. The Worldwide media coverage of the death meant Chauvin could never get a fair trial. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  5. The EU and Obama are to blame for Putin and Russia getting stronger and becoming more of a threat. The EU shouldn't have expanded eastwards and Obama should have attacked the Assad regime in Syria when the red line was crossed. Putin is a strong leader of his country and certainly knows the best way to deal with national traitors.
  6. Smokers weren't happy when smoking was banned in pubs and soon got over it. Devolution was a mistakes. If you give the Scots an inch they will try to take a mile.
  7. Putin will have met Prince Philip during his state visit to the UK in 2003. It's about showing respect.
  8. Most certainly no. The last thing we need is another layer of Government. We have northern elected MPs to represent the northern region in the Westminster Parliament. I would like to see the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly abolished. There are Scottish and Welsh elected MPs in the Westminster Parliament. No need for anything else.
  9. It's not going to happen. In any case I preferred the old format when only league winners played in the European Cup, the runners up played in the UEFA Cup and the cup winners in the Cup Winners Cup. It was much better in those competitions where most British football fans supported which ever British team was playing against the foreigners. Now days we have too many foreigners playing for British teams.
  10. Exactly correct. There also is the possibility that if David Cameron hadn't been employed by Greenhill Capital then the Government may have taken a different decision regarding a covid-19 loan. At the end of the day David Cameron's influence didn't have a positive outcome for Greenhill Capital or save the British jobs lost.
  11. John Healey is a serving MP and wasn't employed by Greenhill Capital unlike David Cameron who was employed by Greenhill Capital and no longer a serving MP. Do you think David Cameron shouldn't have tried to help Greenhill Capital and save British jobs just because of any agreements he had about shares?
  12. I just stick to the real facts. It's a real fact that David Cameron was employed by Lex Greenhill and like anyone else he had a duty to his employer and to carry out work on behalf of the person or people paying his salary. It's a real fact it was impossible for Matt Hancock to meet with representatives of the covid bereaved at the time he met David Cameron because there were no covid bereaved at that time. I'm not the desperate individual who uses every opportunity to attack the Tories. It's a different issue whether the rules need changing to prevent former Prime Ministers taking on the role such as what David Cameron had with Greenhill Capital.
  13. Oh dear you're getting even more desperate now to attack the Tories. Matt Hancock met David Cameron in 2019 which is months before there were any covid bereaved. Matt Hancock's work load increased substantially when it was known there was a global pandemic. Matt Hancock has not broken any rules and told officials about the meeting and what was discussed.
  14. To be fair both Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe both did break the law which is a fairly high percentage rate of the names listed. Both were never Tory MPs I will just add.
  15. A good point well made. Over 400 British jobs have been lost as a consequence of the collapse of Greenhill Capital. If the business wasn't long term viable then it's correct the Government didn't give them any covid-19 related loans. However, I don't see a problem in a company employee of Greenhill Capital asking the Government for help just like many businesses did at the time.
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