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  1. A bloke who makes a video claiming to be a Muslim then murders 5 innocent people is a Muslim terrorist.
  2. Yes, she has been found guilty in a British court of law. However, to be fair just like Jeremy Corbyn she is no longer a Labour MP.
  3. I agree. However, regarding this incident the perpetrator made a video stating he was a Muslim before carrying out the terrorist murders. Enough said.
  4. Hilarious contribution. Even Labour party members acknowledge there is very little chance of the Labour party having any influence in the Westminster Parliament anytime soon. We had a referendum in this country in 2011 and the majority of the electorate voted not in favour of any change. It's only cry babies who are mostly anti Tory who want to change the voting system in our great country. Enough said.
  5. He's clearly a terrorist. He made a video before the murders stating he is a Muslim. Enough said.
  6. I guess having a GSOH helps especially with you being French.
  7. Lord Frost is no longer the Brexit Minister because Brexit has been done. Lord Frost's new job is concerned with the future post Brexit relationship with the EU. It's to be hoped one day, Loob you will soon behave in a more mature way. Unlike the anti Brexit mob in the UK your behaviour is understandable given the fact you're French and have a chip on your shoulder.
  8. I'm not aware of any leave voters doing propaganda or claiming this is humiliation for the EU. The EU and the anti Brexit mob shamefully used the Northern Ireland situation to try and prevent the democratic choice the British people made from being implemented. The EU tried to make leaving their organisation as difficult as possible mostly in order to prevent other nations following the British lead. Now that Brexit has been done it makes sense for the EU to behave more reasonable regarding the Northern Ireland protocol. I welcome the EU behaving more maturely.
  9. It looks like finally the EU are starting to behave more rational and sensible regarding the Northern Ireland protocol. This is only happening as a consequence of the sovereign UK government showing they are not prepared to take nonsense from the EU post Brexit.
  10. Certainly not a hate crime. Some motorists are guilty of bad driving and many cyclists are guilty of bad cycling on public highways.
  11. Of cause it's democracy. I never had a problem with the Labour party winning three successive general elections under Tony Blair. I never had a problem with the Labour party being the sole rulers of our country for over thirteen years. Similarly just like the Labour party did the Tories have won the recent general elections fair and square and increased their seat count the last time to win an eighty seat majority which is unprecedented for a fourth term in office. And yes "cry babies" Cry babies is a fair description for the anti Tory mob who want the voting system changed in order to prevent the Tory party being the sole independent government of our great country. Cry babies is also a fair description for the anti Brexit mob who still don't accept and support a democratic choice their own people made.
  12. Similarly the Liberal party didn't change anything when they won a landslide in 1906. The anti Tory / anti democratic mob have short memories because after the 2017 general election result the DUP were accused of accepting a bung to keep the Tories in power. A PR system would result in similar allegations by sore losers after ever general election. The good thing about FPTP is that it's normally the electorate who decide who governs our country and not politicians behind closed doors.
  13. Okay in your opinion the mother of parliaments should follow other countries which have unstable governments such as Italy. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and our FPTP system has delivered Liberal, Tory and even Labour stable governments over the centuries of democracy in our great country. Germany are suffering election chaos and their people will be lucky to have a new government anytime this year. The reason why our country is called Great Britain is because we don't follow foreign countries and have no need to look further afield for ideas especially on issues such has running our own democracy and electing our own governments.
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