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  1. 😂 it is a serious thread! We moved to just outside Boston MA after spending 5 days finding a place and buying a car, we spent just an afternoon in the suburb we ended up in. Worked out OK 🤷‍♀️ Once you’ve moved continents like that, I think you’ve probably got the toolkit to cope with moves to new places! Also the move before that (within the UK) was settled in one day looking around, two days to find a house to buy. Mind you, that move didn’t really work out quite as well! We’ve decided we’re moving back, don’t want to move to anywhere we’ve been before, don’t want to move to the areas our families live in. We worked out our criteria for what we’re looking for in an area, I spent 10 days rushing about the U.K. in a different city each night, Sheffield was my favourite! In fairness I have a couple of acquaintances who live there so I’m not quite as clueless as I made out but I wanted to get fresh opinions. My husband tends to do jobs that are flexible hours with international travelling and work from home days, so traffic may not be as huge an issue as it might ordinarily. I’ll take a look at the S10 and S11 areas 🙂
  2. Hi, we are a Brit family living in the US aiming to move to Sheffield next summer. I’ve just started to make a few tentative steps towards the massive challenge of organising everything and I’m looking at places to live within Sheffield. We are hoping to rent first, then buy, ideally in the same area so we can have continuity for our kids who have lived through a couple of moves, one to a different continent! Schools are very important to us so I’m just trying to learn more, and it looks like a lot of schools are oversubscribed? My kids will be going into years 6 and 3 in September 2020. Obviously primary will be the more immediate concern, but secondary will also be very important especially as my eldest only has one year at primary left. Any recommendations on areas and/or schools for me to target? We have a budget of 350k, want at least 3 beds. Rent we can do up £1400 per month but would much prefer under £1k. Community, safe areas and family friendly places are priorities for us. Any thoughts would be really gratefully received, I have spent a grand total of one day in Sheffield so honestly any information you can give me will almost certainly be new info for me! Thanks!
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