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  1. I'm 23 and very flexible musician looking for a project to join. Not fussed about age. Not fussed about genre. Just want to play music with enthusiastic people. Can do vocals if needed and can play range of instruments. jacobldonohoe@gmail.com is my email.
  2. Interested if still looking for a collaborator.
  3. I'm interested if you still need. I'm happy to do vocals play various instruments etc.
  4. I would be interested in this. I am 23 and play keys. Willing to do vocals if needed.
  5. I know many people who use coconut oil, a good natural alternative to shampoos and synthesised products. It won't make your hair grow back like people claim but gives hair a nice shine. As a side note its really good for a cooking alternative to olive oil which in times gone by would also be applied to the skin with potential benefits.
  6. Hi there, I would very much be interested in this project. I'm a keyboardist/synth player. (It wouldn't let me direct message so replied to thread) Jacob
  7. Woodseats is a nice area, the main road has plenty of buses into town although I do not know of any cottage-like houses nearby as the area is quite busy. I would perhaps consider checking out the chancet wood area or further towards beauchief. The walks are all excellent around graves park/chancet wood/beauchief golf course and feature on the Sheffield round walk. I'm not so well versed on pubs in the area so can't comment ,but hope I helped.
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