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  1. I have just bought a terraced property with a block of 2 outside toilets . As is usual with terraced properties there is access rights for the neighbour to the toilet. As we thought and presumed the toilet was unused and it looked that way the owner didn’t tell us that the neighbour actually hasn’t got a bathroom and uses the toilet ! So is trotting across the yard several times a day . In “normal life “ although this is annoying it perhaps wouldn’t bother me so much but during lockdown it’s annoying. Can we offer to buy the toilet off her in the hope she might use the money to put herself a bathroom in ? I just feel a bit misinformed and upset we weren’t told she used this toilet and had no bathroom because I would not have bought the house in the first place . This in not a very elderly person either she is in her early 70,s I just don’t get why in 2020 she wouldn’t have a bathroom. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
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