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  1. johnbradley

    May need some help..

    Hi all, I'm moving back to sheffield, from leeds, and may need a little help...ive got a place to move into for the moment but have 3 cats who are, by the way, well sound and trained, etc. They are also top individuals! Would anyone be able to look after them for 2 months maximum, while i get sorted? I'll pay up in advance for food/litter/looking after? It would be a real help, please let me know Thanks, John
  2. not sure of situation yet - apologies!
  3. johnbradley

    Traditional cooking V Fast food takeaways

    Take aways. Faster, tastier, only a couple of quid more expensive. I sometimes feel the whole 'take your time to prepare and enjoy good cuisine' angle is basically a poncey way of showing off cooking skills, asserting a middle-class sophistication. It has a gentle aroma of smugness, peppered with a sprinkle of superiority...there may also be a drizzle of balsamic vinegar involved, but i couldn't be certain.
  4. johnbradley

    Compulsory part time jobs..

    Right you all know its a top idea. John wins. p.s also, i'd ban them from drinking too. 2 - 0!
  5. johnbradley

    Compulsory part time jobs..

    This is a contribution towards that end cost, not additional. You don't really get taxed on £70 week. It would benefit wider society greatly in terms of vacancies, across all industries, being filled. This will only have a positive economic effect. Sociologically, students will feel increasingly like they are integrated with, and not aside from society. There will be cheering in the street, whistling on the way to work, high-fives on the biscuit production line... Cant argue with that really p.s as it was for me as a student, i know a load already work and graft...this just ties up the idle / rich ones and gives em a boot up the backside, and has everyone contributing for themselves, and for society at the same time.
  6. johnbradley

    Compulsory part time jobs..

    Well it isn't likely to be pounced upon by the government any time soon. Doubt if they pay too much attention to this little forum. Top idea tho, isn't it?
  7. johnbradley

    Compulsory part time jobs..

    No. Unless you are made redundant, or sacked unlawfully, the student cannot continue at university. Simple.
  8. johnbradley

    Compulsory part time jobs..

    No. (in response to jongo) The chances are that they will have have numerous part time jobs in the time they were at university. To move from one to the next is not really a big deal. If they were made redundant though, the scheme would be sympathetic to this, don't worry. £350 is sod all. But - pool it together, watch it accumulate over time, invest it wisely, the pot will become enormous!
  9. johnbradley

    Compulsory part time jobs..

    I'm saying - plenty of students work part time, and obtain good degrees. This proves that study/work commitments CAN be balanced. Now if there was a small percentage of the earnings that was set aside, it could be used as a contribution against the fees, thus reducing the amount they would face after graduation. Its feasible to earn £70+, after tax, per week in term time, and double that in summer (which is what i had to do, quite a few years ago) so you could be looking at a contribution base of (roughly speaking) about £3,500 per year. 10% of that would be £350 minimum raised from every student in the country, There are 2.5 million students, ignoring post-grads and the like. That would raise £875 million every year. Stick it in a bank, and watch it generate interest, with each year's fund increasing by another £875 mill. Or, like a pension fund, allow certain speculative types to invest it and make it grow. Within a few years that fund will be a fair old amount, surely? This will achieve the following: Have an impact on student fees Redress the imbalance felt by working students vs 'silver spoon' students Endow students with a sense of reality / real world / etc / etc Thus bringing us all closer together in peace and love and harmony.
  10. johnbradley

    Compulsory part time jobs..

    Question: Would it be of benefit to make students take on part time jobs? To even make it a condition of their continued education? Furthermore, to take a percentage of the earnings, set it aside and use it as a contribution towards fees? There are, even in these hard times, plenty of vacancies, and would surely redress the imbalance felt by students with a job, and wider society. Sounds like a goer to me...what do you think?
  11. johnbradley

    PETROL: All time high

    haha beat me to it!
  12. The honest answer is - yes staff will open up files which test specific programs on the computer, to ensure that all is working well. This will mean opening pictures to test picture viewers, opening music files to test music players, and opening video files to test video. In doing so they may inadvertently come across content which is amusing / crap / dodgy but never, in my 5 year experience at a computer shop, has anyone deliberately copied anyone's personal information. p.s we never really came across anything dodgy either.
  13. johnbradley

    The Abu Hamza deportation thread

    Well, you've gotta hand it to him
  14. johnbradley

    Van crashes into the Sheaf View

    nice parking
  15. johnbradley

    Lager lager lager

    No. Lager's crap.

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