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  1. Hi Hippogriff thanks for the info I'm new to investment and trying to learn about it , and for that reason I asked my question at the first place I intend to use a letting agent until I get some experience...also because I don't live in Sheffield best wishes
  2. thanks Sky edge, Jeffrey, Fore and Spider Actually I'm new to investment and the information you provided is very useful learn more about buy to let Thanks
  3. Many thanks amazon, I'll check the areas you've suggested
  4. Thanks geared with a flat, I have to pay service charge and ground rent... But I've found some freehold houses on right move , for £110.000 and less Mainly in S2 at : Freston green Dovercourt rd sky edge av. stafford rd Manor lane Saunders rd south end place Outram rd do you think they are reasonable areas, what type of tenants live there Many thanks
  5. Hi all This is my first post here I live in the Midlands and looking to buy a house in Sheffield to generate an income ( buy to let) My budget is £110.000 Is it likely to find a house with this budget in a good/ reasonable area? good tenants? Thanks
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