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  1. I agree with this. I live on the other side of the valley via Blackstock Road, and people comment on the reputation of the area, however, in the time I have been here, less than a year, I haven’t seen why it warrants the reputation it has. It’s a shame really because most areas have a down side. I think it’s unfair to tarnish a whole area because it is a council estate, and parts have, or have had its problems. Like the quoted poster said, “There’s a huge amount of owner occupied on Gleadless Valley”. Problems come from people, not the residential type, and people are everywhere. People also grow and change. How many of us are the same teenager they once were. Give the valley, and the people in it a break. I’m not saying to the OP, “buy in Gleadless!” I’m just don’t think the area as a whole warrants the reputation. Before I moved here, I looked at crime rates and it’s lower than other parts of Sheffield. I don’t know the Gaunt Road area well at all, because I have no need to be there, but I would advise going around at different times and if you’re bold talking to people who live there. Make an assessment from your own judgements, and take everything into consideration, including what people are saying. As I go around Sheffield, I realise people have a lot to say about areas, yet when I go there and engage with people from the areas, it suddenly seems different. Areas I wouldn’t have considered living in before, I now would. Perhaps that’s just me.
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