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  1. Around the Manor area ,Danny had a car when most of us could only dream of one .
  2. I was a pal of Danny Mulcrone in the sixties , a smashing lad Danny .
  3. Do those players wan promotion , they would be out of a job .
  4. Halfords E bikes will cope with that no problem .
  5. Don't get it this tiredness job ,let em try climbing the Alps and other mountain ranges on a bike eight hours a day for three weeks in 40 degrees or freezing weather with only two rest days in-between or even carrying the hod to a couple of bricklayers on bonus for five days a week then they would really know what it is to truly knackered .
  6. Picasso had a meal in Butlers cafe at Brookhill , he drew a dove on a piece of card for some one ,no one knows what happened to that drawing ,would be worth millions today .
  7. I have seen many great bands at the City Hall , but the best show by far was Bill Whyman and the rhythm kings , with Albert Lee on guitar , Georgie Fame on key board and Beverley Skeet on vocals , they can sing owt, play owt and entertain any age group .
  8. They don't need the EFL to deduct points they are quite capable of doing it themselves . mid table at best .
  9. We get to see the odd rat every winter in our garden ,they live in the posh house garden through the fence under their hut , our terrier loves the situation waiting in her hiding spot till one pops out for a feed under our bird table , two shakes and they are gone .
  10. That one got under the radar , not seen much publicity about that .
  11. Chris as hit the lunch time news , good un .
  12. Good to see a local manager saying he would have no problem if his players walked off the field if racist chants reared there ugly head . We in Sheffield have been mostly clear of such behaviour with only one instance recorded when the Blades played Bradford City back in 2015 and the FA investigated , The Owls have had a couple of instances recorded against them at away matches but none at Hillsbro so we can be grate full for that , The latest incidents at Spurs is a big surprise as that club as had its share of racist comments directed at them by idiots who spoil the game for all . Keep up the good work seems to be the message at our Sheffield clubs , as Chris has pointed out.
  13. Have the abusers been brought to justice seems to be the question now .
  14. He got three points yesterday .
  15. Well thats a relief , thought it was a plus for a Sheffield club to be even mentioned in Europe . Just another Micky Mouse cup eh.
  16. I would still remember what my old ma used to say , "If some one else blows thi trumpet it can be heard in many more places ".
  17. Same as when they got into the European cup and had it taken away by the action of others.
  18. Any advise on what would be a older cheap laptop to buy just to use to store photo's on . some thing that would be powerful enough even though it may be not up to modern standards for all the usual uses .
  19. Never saw the Don't care box .maybe I should have looked better.
  20. The sooner the better , most people are sick and tired of hearing their politicians screaming and shouting day after day , In the months of Brexit debate it has seemed as though it is all about them and the rest of the UK was just irrelevant.
  21. I can say that I have never voted for the CON party in my life , although I do want Brexit to happen it is a price I will have to pay.
  22. We had timing belt changed by a mobile mechanic who took the car away to do job early this year , he brought it back 2 hrs later saying job done . Just last week the vehicle was booked into a local garage for a cylinder head job , the timing belt was found to be cracked, worn and loose , the verdict was that the belt was ready to fail any time . beware of these mobile mechanics if they insist on taking car away to do job seems to be the lesson learned here .
  23. The Owls have been mentioned as one of the clubs that could be in big financial trouble on radio 5 this morning , the puzzling thing is that if the EFL left them alone they would not have a problem .
  24. Kids want to stay at school until they are in there twenty's these days . No one wants hard work .
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