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  1. Laurence Fox is 100% right and Id like to add from my own personal experience that most of these Woke people are the vilest most racist bigots on the planet.
  2. YOURE WORSE THAN HITLER!!!! SPEED KILLS!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Phew, feel better now thats out of my system. I got flashed once and like you it was during an emergency. I fretted for over a month before I plucked up the courage to make some enquiries as to how long it would take for me dreaded NIP to come through the post. The really helpful lady told me I was in the clear as I had to be notified within two weeks so no fine and a load of worry about nothing. She also told me that a surprising number of flashes result in absolutely nothing being sent out. She wouldnt tell me the locations of the cameras that give these false flashes though 😞 Finger crossed youll get nothing through the post but as some have said you could be offered a speed awareness thingy although I do hear this depends on previous driving record, how long you have had your license and some other factors but I cant be 100% on this as like I say its just what ive been told. Good luck and I hope your sorted your emergency out.
  3. My lad dropped his Xbox one s today and now it wont power on. Hes heartbroken so I need to see if its fixable. Is there anyone on here that can taker a look for me please or recommend someone who does this kind of thing? Ta.
  4. Im betting Funky didnt even read it and just saw the Telegraph link and decided it was BS.
  5. If the Telegraph offends you so much then choose on of the many links I provided in post 3
  6. Sorry about that, Here is a link to the main search results https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNTPsAWC4DamaMKlyVm5vFGa-4P8aw%3A1579350497847&ei=4fkiXt-oM5WI1fAPiKav-A8&q=sheffield+university+microaggression&oq=sheffield+university+micro&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i3j0l2j0i22i30l7.1698.2992..4769...0.2..0.73.424.6......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j0i131j0i67.lpUzL-44XK0
  7. Hitler would have been proud. From the Telegraph online....... Do you like sushi? Stop touching my hair! Why are you frying a banana? These are just some of the phrases we’re not allowed to utter at Sheffield University anymore. They’re “micro-aggressions” (subtly racist remarks), apparently. Full story..... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/01/17/sheffields-racism-classes-orwellian-attempt-silence-free-speech/
  8. Its always nice to be part of a club, but this one?? Im 45 😂 Well Ive got the grey hair, man boobs and a limp so I guess arthritis was always on the cards . Id better book in with the GP then. A big thanks for your reply but please, next time can you bring me good news? lol Cheers for the reply mate. No I dont wear a fitbit, maybe if someone brings out a fatbit id get one as that's way more my style. I come from a family of fitness freaks and im defo the odd one out haha.
  9. I woke up the other day and for no apparent reason I have a pain in my thumb knuckle. I can move it ok in some directions but if (for example) i try to thumbs up I get a painful click in the knuckle which travels up my arm about 6" and I feel a click there too. There are no bruises, I haven't knocked or banged it in any way its just come from no where? Someone said it sounds like arthritis (sp?) ,can anyone here say it it does indeed sound like arthritis?
  10. Success!! I received a letter today saying my appeal was successful so thanks for the posts and advice everyone. Have a good day all. Bob
  11. You seem to want to distract us from the topic at hand and play down the wholesale abuse of young girls. You are part of the problem.
  12. Thats just tragic but so preventable and I would wager every penny I have that this is still going on right now all over the country. One thing that does not help though is this "Asian" label they they keep using. Lets be clear, they mean Pakistani Muslim men. Its not racist or bigoted to say it, its just accurate and its time to stop this abuse and stop this smearing of an entire continent.
  13. Thank you and sorry to taking so long to reply. I wasnt going to revisit this thread as I was having a hard time with some peoples blinkered opinions. I suppose Its because Im so connected with the subject matter that I find it hard when people just basically say "cut and run" or "think of yourself only". As for someone suggesting a runaway fund???? Jeez that one got my goat. Is this what society has become? Think about yourself and screw anyone else who may need help, if it doesn't go your way the do a runner? Thank you again for your comments mate.
  14. Youre wasting your time mate. Some people prefer to stick to their bigoted and inaccurate view no matter how wrong it is.
  15. Yeah because it would have been so much better if lots of people had lost their lives instead eh? I despair sometimes I really do. Iran did the right thing. They made their point and kept the risk to life at a minimum. America could learn a thing or two from them.
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