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  1. Thank you thats really kind and yes please that would be good if you could do that. Im blown away by this wonderful community. I think Ill be making an account and joining up because I want to be a part of it and i can see why my uncle thought so much of you all. Bless you all xxx
  2. Thank you for your nice comments its nice to know my uncle had people who cared so much. Ive made sure the family have seen your comments to and we are all thankfull. Please all stay safe during the lockdown and my best wishes to you all from Jay and family. I forgot to say I will be donating my Uncles computer to charity and so this is the last time his account will be used. Is there a way to close his account or is it just left as it is?
  3. Hello I hope I am allowed to do this Im Bob of Roths nephew. My Uncle Bob sadly passed away recently. As a family we are devastated and had n idea he was in such a bad way until it was too late. Towards the end he spoke to me about his problems and told us about you incredible people and all the support you gave him. Our family will always be more greatful than we could ever put into words for what you all did for him and so while we are sorting my uncle Bobs affairs out I thought I would take the chance to say thank you from myself and the whole family. Id also like to say to anyone who is suffering mental health problems and is dreading this new lock down please GET HELP. Talk to someone anyone and dont let it ruin your life. Please dont end up like my uncle. He was a sound bloke and im missing him a lot. Please talk to someone and get the help you need. Thank you Sheffield Forum and the special people who tried to help him Stay strong everyone Our love to you all Jay
  4. From a forum that has given me so much help recently I find it hard to believe there are so many nasty, hateful and downright spiteful comments about a man whom non of you have met or are likely to meet. Instead you get your opinions from a main stream media who clearly have an agenda of hate. The Democrats lost, President Trump is possibly one of the most successful presidents in Americas history and the only US president that has decided to tackle amongst many many other things, one of the biggest problems in any society that of people trafficking. No other President has done so much to try and deal with this problem and he should be applauded.
  5. This is the most sober ive been in a little while now Struggling to stay off the bottle and is hard. I made some good progress but I think the pressure if it all is getting too much. Things seem to be falling apart at the seems. Im not sure im the dad my kids need I dont think Im equipped to cop0e with 2 children with special needs and physical disabilities. Im not blaimng them in any way but I am blaming me. We made good progress and it seemed things were good but not now. social services wont help and me and my kids are isolated again I have a feeling the ex left me at the right time and now my kids have to deal with a drunk i dont want to be one but i face factsIm a drunk Sorry for wasting everyones time but Im still greatful for all of your efforts especially you Lex Sorry
  6. That old chestnut you say.. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=787930928278347
  7. An old buddy of mine who is ex Police (not SYP) once refereed to police dogs as badly trained meat seeking missiles. He clarified that the dedicated sniffer digs are a different kettle of fish and are amongst the best trained dogs in the world. I cant comment on either though.
  8. Providing he isnt calling for violence I think he should be allowed to speak, air his views. Same for Katie Hopkins. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
  9. Thanks for your reply Ghozer. Yes it has a headphone socket but there is no sound from that either. I bought it from Richer Sounds via Amazon. Ill give the Richer Sounds in Sheffield a call tomorrow and see if I can take it there. Thank you again for your reply Bob 🙂
  10. Hi. My daughters TV suddenly has no sound. Resetting it back to Factory settings seems to have no effect and I only bought it at Christmas. Has anyone got any ideas of things I can try before sending it back please? Thanks Bob.
  11. Sorry mate but my friends haven't heard anything but they will certainly listen out and report anything they hear..
  12. Yeah that sounds hopeful. Ill cross my fingers thats the case.
  13. I have friends in that area Ill speak to them and ask. I Hope the poor lady is ok and the police catch these people.
  14. Thank you Makapaka. Thats nice of you to say. Ive got my fingers crossed. I dont know the last time I went for 3 days without a drink so Im really hopeful this is the start of something good 🙂
  15. Thank you Padders thats nice of you 🙂 My medical review with the nurse went well. Had bloods taken so i just have to wait and see but im confident they will be ok. Im now on day 2 of No alcohol....
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