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  1. Thank you very much for all the helpful replies. Its taken a while to answer as I dont get online as much as id like and even when I do get online a painful wrist condition can limit how much I am able to type and sometimes its just too painful to use a keyboard. I have read all your posts ( a big thank you again) but as the power of attorney question is for a friend and not myself I did have to go back and ask for specifics. Right, here goes. The person seeking the power of attorney is the mother and sister of a man in his 40s. He has terrible mental problems, self harming problem and many other issues and as a result has run into debt. The problem is he wont open his post as its all part of a problem that he is just too mentally ill to deal with. His debts are not huge in themselves and I feel they can be dealt with, the problem comes from aggressive bailiffs who are trying to recover one of the debts. They have also slapped on over £400 of "charges" in a very short time on a debt of around £30 originally. This in my view is disgusting but a different problem for a different day so I had the idea of trying to deal with these debts on his behalf but the problem comes usually at the first hurdle when I am asked to put this man on the phone. I simply cant do that as he is so ill right now. When i say this the quote data protection and whilst some are obviously sympathetic they still have their hands tied. The power of attorney would be used in order to be able to contact these companies and try to sort through the mess and give this man less to worry about so he can concentrate of getting well. I hope I have now given enough information but if any more is needed please just ask. Thank you Bob.
  2. Yeah its bad. It was heartbreaking to see her plight and its given her a terrible lesson in trusting too much. She seems a plucky old girl though and a real inspiration. We will be taking her a hot meal shortly and ive managed to rustle up a few more supplies so should be ok in the short term and she has now made a few new friends so hopefully she can put this behind her. Bob.
  3. Please keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable people. An old lady who lives close to me had someone knock on her door and ask if she needed any shopping. Being too trusting she said yes, gave him a list and £30. This was (she thinks) Monday and this person never returned with her shopping or her money. Ive given her things from my cupboard and freezer to tide her over for a week or so and I have offered to take her shopping myself. Hopefully she will let me do this and she can put this horrible episode behind her. Be safe everyone but just as importantly stay on your guard. Bob.
  4. Can anyone here advise me on obtaining a power of attorney please? These are my main questions, Is it an easy process? Does it take long? Is it expensive? Anything else that may be important ? Thank you for taking the time to read this Bob.
  5. I really dont understand all this hate for President Trump who is without doubt one of the most successful and popular presidents in quite a few generations. All this hate just isnt needed.
  6. Hi Lex. sorry ive not replied for so long and I really appreciate your concern, im just having a bit of a shocker at the moment. Im not really dealing with things too well but I dont want to just come on and post all negative stuff but right now things all seem very negative. Im still doing what I can to make things better but I genuinely cant wait for my appointment at CGL. That has unfortunately been pushed back another week by them, some sort of double booking error but im counting the days and doing what I can to help myself in the mean time.. The kids have been great with everything. I know its hurting them seeing their Dad in such a dark place but they have been a big help and I know they understand that I want to stop drinking and one day I will but it could be a slow process with plenty of ups and downs along the way. I still regularly look in on Sheffield Forum even though I dont post much, i think its being around people albeit in a virtual sense that is helping me with all this as well. You have all been so supportive especially your good self, im not sure where I would have ended up if you all hadn't been so good to me. Im going to try and post more and get involved in chats and stuff. I love a good natter, im a proper little chatterbox when I get going. lol. Bob.
  7. When cultures collide there is often some sort of fallout. Weather it be Luton, Rotherham, Manchester or Europe who are themselves having what could be called a rape epidemic someone always suffers. In this country its disadvantaged white girls but in Europe it seems women and girls of all ages could be at risk opf sexual assault. What is to be done about it? I have no idea but what ever is to be done please lets hope its more useful than Finlands "This is my no-no square" routine.
  8. Hi Lex. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. It is helping a lot. Well I went for my first meeting today.Mainly form filling and info taking. I had somewhat of a wobble during this process when it came to filling out the Emergency contact part of the form. The lady who was there seemed quite shocked when I left it blank and told her there is no one who can do this. Hell, I dont even have a next of kin. This is part of the reason I drink, loneliness and having no one to talk to of an evening. I stuck the meeting out though then went straight home. The urge to go for a drink was incredible. Ive never felt anything like it but managed to stay the course and promised myself a tipple this evening. Daft as it sounds, making this agreement with myself worked. In fact I listened to me way more than my kids do especially when it comes to bedroom cleaning time haha. At the meeting i was given a key to an app for my phone. It seems pretty helpful with loads of info but the bit I like the best is you can program all the places where I buy my alcohol from and when it detects im near there it sounds an alarm and shows a picture of my choice in an attempt to encourage you to think of other things like your kids or a pet or anything that you feel strongly about. Time will tell if it helps in any real way but im incredibly hopeful that this along with my own efforts, the efforts of CGL and you wonderful people on here will get this problem nailed. For now though every day is a new day, I have my good ones and bad ones like anyone does but when I have bad ones i must resist the temptation to drink. Right now ive got it down to just having a drink at night and this maount is getting less and less. My big worry though is if I have to have detox. Thats when I know things are out of control but If I keep chipping away at my intake then that is something that can be avoided. Thanks again Lex, youre a star and a huge High 5 right back at ya Bob 🙂 Thank you Fergal. With people like you and the others who have posted positive messages and help, how can I possible fail. Bob 🙂 Thank you Patricia Bob 🙂
  9. I just thought id let you all know I have an appointment with CGL next week so fingers crossed this could be the start of something good. AA never bothered contacting me despite emails promising they would so after 5 attempts over around a week i gave up on them.
  10. Is there a 3rd party compatible stand I can purchase that is not a rip off like they seem to be on Ebay? Or better still, is there a place that I can get a genuine part from that agaion is reasonably priced? Thank you
  11. Thank you for that. So far ive contacted mental health Rotherham who gave me the number for CGL (change grow live). They didnt answer but I left them a message so hopefully ill hear something soon. Ive also contacted AA who respond very quickly to email enquiries but when it comes to them phoning me im yet to get a call. Its been about a week now but I guess they must be really busy. I didnt get to the Andysmansclub as my son was ill but Ive arranged a sitter for next Monday so Ill be going then. My biggest step is to stop my alcohol intake and so far I have not had a drink since Sunday. It is very rough going ill be honest but whilst im very tempted to have a drink but in the absence of any contact from AA i thought Id get the ball rolling. I do really want to stop drinking for my kids and for me. Sheffield forum and you kind people have helped me immensely. You all have no idea how grateful I am 🙏
  12. Thank you for that mate and sorry for the stupid smiley reply. Your post desereved a better response than that.
  13. Thank you everyone for your replies and sorry for not replying sooner. Ive kinda been avoiding this thread if im honest but here goes, Ive contacted AA today. Nice chap who is passing my details onto a local member who may be able to help me. Im hoping to take the plunge with Andys mens club on Monday. I do worry it will be more difficult in a face to face situation but if I dont try Ill never know. Ive also contacted social services to see if any help can be offered there. They say someone will be in touch in a couple of weeks. At home im trying really hard to limit my intake, this is a hard one but i think Ive reduced it a tiny amount this week so im chipping away at it slowly but hopefully surely. Im not looking forward to the next few months if im honest but im trying to focus on the benefits of not drinking. My problem is though I began drinking when I was breaking up from my wife (very very messy) and was lonely at night. Once the kids went to bed I had nothing to do and no one to talk to and conversation is something I love, well need really. An occasional drink turned into a nightly event and before I knew it I was needing one to get to sleep otherwise Id be awake all night. This has not changed and so obviously Im going to need something to fill the space left by alcohol. Ooops, this is starting to look like a poor me thread haha Sorry about that but a genuine heartfelt thank you for your posts. I firmly believe I wouldn't have taken these first steps without the positive words Ive had on here Bob. P.S. Thank you too for the DMs and I will answer them later but im just cooking dinner but I really wanted to post a reply to all you good people as you all took the time to post Thank you again Bob...,(again) lol
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