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  1. thank you!! that’s really helpful. sounds like a really good idea. just go for a lucky dip. just need to wait and see if i get my volunteer work i signed up for earlier first and if it’s full i’ll be off on a magical mystery tour 😊
  2. where did you find it? i had a quick look but the site i looked on wasn’t cheap. so gave up lol. i don’t care where i end up. as long as i’m not stuck in the house bored. think i’ll enjoy it. i like to travel about.
  3. padders n joojoo!! my spidie senses tell me you guys would get on great!! get chatting hopefully some good will come from this thread. cold n lonely this time of year!! doesn’t have to be.
  4. i looked on there site earlier today and filled out the online form to volunteer. but due to how close we are i’m not sure they’ll be any places left? i’ll just have to wait and see if they get back to me
  5. i thought i had found someone new. we been together 4 years. i don’t get invite to xmas and i’ve never been to her house! ok we do live about 200miles apart. but still. i’d travel if i felt welcome. things are never as easy as they look from the outside. so i’ll just leave them to it and find myself something to do.
  6. haha yeh sounds like he had his xmas all sorted! think for me it’s the boredom aswell as missing family. i’m on my own 99% of the time and doesn’t usually get my down. this year i intend to enjoy myself just looking at coach trips but they bit out of my budget. maybe i was looking in the wrong place? sure i’ll find something to keep me busy? and if not i’ll be off to tesco for wine n toilet roll
  7. haha hi Billie im sure you’ll love it. i’ve not seem much of scotland but the parts i’ve seen are really nice. anything has to be better than staying home feeling sorry for yourself. hope you enjoy it.
  8. i’ve just been talking about that. someone suggested coach trips that run over xmas. sounds like a good idea. think i’m pushing it to find a place on any now tho?
  9. your not wrong. guess i need to get used to single life. only lived on my own a couple of years. last year was my first xmas alone. just fancies doing something this year and not sat home twiddling my thumbs.
  10. yeh you might think that. but once all the drama is gone and your sat in silence it’s boring. you’ll miss it. i miss all the stress n noise of my kids arguing
  11. unfortunately as for the nice drive. i don’t drive. if the weathers ok i might go for a walk. i’m not a religious person. but last year was my first xmas alone. didn’t think it would bother me but it was a bit of a downer to say the least. both my kids are now grown and do their own thing. best part of xmas for me was the dinner. but i’m not going to all that trouble just for me. and i couldn’t go out to eat and sit alone. shame there’s no dinner for one events maybe stick everyone on one table?
  12. getting close to xmas again. last year i spent it alone. couldn’t find anything to do or places to go where i wouldn’t look all sad sat on my own. just wondered if there was places served dinner or something put on for people alone over xmas?. i know you have things for the elderly but i’m just into my 40’s family and friends doing there own thing so i’d like to find other people in the same situation. not wanting to be alone but not wanting to intrude on someone else’s day either. all us sad lonely folk in one place. is there anything? thank you!! :)
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