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  1. Hi, I have a little boy who is 3 in January. He has had to 6 haircuts to date, the first 3 went fine and since the 4th it's got progressively worse and more stressful. I think the trigger might have been having an ear infection just before the 4th cut but it's turned into a horrendous experience where even sitting in a toy car, having a tv on and chocolate in his hand did nothing to distract him. He was hysterical the last time and I vowed not to put either of us through it again. He now hasn't had it cut since May/June and (un)fortunately he has inherited my fast growing, thick locks and it's just getting too long. I've spoken to nursery who have had chats with him about it, we have a book about a highland cow getting his hair cut and he's let me trim the front just to get it out his eyes and he has taken to that quite well after taking it slow and trying to make it stress free. I think the next step is someone coming to our house as it will be a familiar environment plus I'd book out enough time for the haircut to be done at a slow pace so he feels a little more in control. I'm struggling to find any mobile hairdressers or even a hairdresser to do a one off visit, does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?! Thank you
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