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  1. Interesting symposia, and one I could agree with, but the film displays more subtleties than a regular mass moron film release. I think the film displays more subtlety than that.
  2. We have reached the level of congenital madness. Are we so insular to deny the figures? 879 seriously injured and we still drive like lemmings, I think your tax analysis is spot on.
  3. Firstly, I'm not Jared. But, you're constant attacks on him are both disputable and fragrant breeches of comptroller law. I would, if I was you, should study mental abbreviations more sturdier. Thank you.
  4. The word 'bobby' is so invoking. Hardly descriptive of current plight.
  5. I feel the hatred displayed in this thread is palatable. Thank you.
  6. I'm sorry if already discussed before. But, I think it needs further revaluation.
  7. I would like to discuss the ramifications of this film. Subjected views. I found it fascinating.
  8. This is becoming common place. It's almost as if its parsimony in reverse. Lemming like death swerves to reach the target/destination in a testimony roll via hierarchy.
  9. Fully. It is bordering on slanderous. The perps will move on to find another circus/victim, in which to blame anything vaguely 'real left' as preposterous.
  10. Would you condemn a person with tourette syndrome a job? Both can go to actual live interactions and try to conform and manifest an living. Unless, they meet people like you, who project basic hatred of anybody 'different.'
  11. I disagree, I made congenitive points without using base language. If you are referring to my Israeli comment as disingenuous then that opens another debate.
  12. Language like yours is becoming part of our public discourse. Hateful and disingenuous. His disability is real and palatable - are you a denier? Do you stalk car parks seeking people who obstrutively walk with congenital brain damage and then require them to do mountain climbs?
  13. He had his heart in the right place, but the Net is unforgiving. I pray he finds pastures new.
  14. Precisely, its like a 'battle ground' and completely unnecessary as we all want to get to our point of destination without a major accident, but we appear to be under some form of mass psychological madness. Akin to the Bird Box film narrative. Why do we drive so aggressively? Have we become so detached from reality that we have we become so narcissist?
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