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  1. Found quite a number of posts on this site after finding a link relating to Starcraft campers whilst reasearching these vehicles but all were put on several years ago. I have one and did get a reply from one person who also still has one but would like to contact anyone else who owns one now or has in the past. I have a lot of history regarding them and want to update it so looking for any information.
  2. Hello all classic vehicle owners and enthusiasts. I have just joined this forum which I found whilst looking for information regarding my latest purchase which is a Starcraft camper based on a 1972 Ford Cortina MK3 and seeing there was a classic car group here decided to join it. I also have another car, a 1958 Ford 100E Anglia. I have found a number of posts in the forums relating to Starcraft campers but most of them are quite old and possibly not lokked at anymore by those who posted them. If anyone knows of any owners of these or possibly owns one themselves please get in touch as I have masses of history I could possibly share. Cheers, Ray.
  3. Hi, found your post on this forum whilst looking for information on Starcraft campers and noted that you had acquired one a little over a year ago. I too have one which I purchased recently and thought we might swap notes. Unlike yours mine has never been off the road since its build in the 1980's on a 1972 Mk 3 Ford Cortina originally an estate. It is fully kitted out, bed's, kitchen, storage units, tables, extensive kitchen with sink, hot and cold water, two burner stove with grill an oven, fridge and even a toilet. The interior is still very tidy and useable but the engine compartment and bits of the bodywork need a bit of tlc. With the vehicle came masses of history incuding an original colour brochure, assembly details and a load of Starcraft Owners Club newsletters and contact details of most of the original buyers. From what I can make out the bodies were initially shipped out from the USA for self build in the early 80's then taken on by Spartan Kit Cars who would still offer a kit for self build or supply a ready built camper on the buyer car with the interior to the donor car.s owners preferences. If you get back to me with the reg number of ours I will check to see if it is on the list of purchasers. Pity yours is still on a "Q" plate mine has been changed to the donor car's reg or an age related one, not sure which and had the 1600cc engine and four speed box replaced with a 2 litre Pinto engine and type 9 five speed box. If you want to send me your email address I will send you pictures and other information. Cheers, Ray.
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