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  1. No, Tadeusz probably not. Thank u posthaste nice to read this message. I keep searching. Magdalena PL W takim wypadku istnieje prawdopodobieństwo, że jesteśmy rodziną (i to może nie tak bardzo daleką). Chętnie się skontaktuje. Poproszę o emaila na: haczykman@gmail.com
  2. Unfortunately don't know Krystyna's family name, but I ask my mother (Piotr was her uncle) and she said that Krystyna and Piort got 3 kids ( 2 daughter nad one son. Probably Bożena Stefanski, Danuta Stefanski and Richard Stefanski, but I'm not sure.
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for any information about my family roots. My grandmother's (Bronislawa) brother served in the army and settled in Sheffield after the war. I don't have much information. I know his name: Piotr (Peter) Stefanski and his wife Krystyna Stefanska. I found adress and number (http://www.phoneebook.co.uk/person.aspx?p=13572012&n=Stefanski%20Peter%20Krystyna) but phone number doesn't exist anymore. Thanks to people from the Sheffield Indexers forum Ive got his death registration: Name: Piotr Stefanski Death Age: 83 Birth Date: 12 Apr 1919 Registration Date: May 2002 Registration district: Sheffield and that Piotr became a nautralised citizen in 1975. I will be very greatful for any info and if there is somebody who is living from my family for contact. Lukas
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