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  1. I'm sure our Cath will remember you both,she's older than me. I really can't believe that. I never realised that was Debbie. Did you recognize me from grimesthorpe ,when we were down Gower st.
  2. Well I'm gob smacked, I never knew that. When we're down Gower street years back , I never realised that ,that was Debbie from Hunsley st how thick am i. Jenine sends her love.
  3. 7Hi sheila,Nice to hear from you,me and Jenine got married in 93, we have 1 daughter and 2 grand kids. Is Debbie (Debbie hepplestone),youre sister.
  4. We are mate,and to say it's best part of 50 years and we are all still talking about it, it must have been a special place to us all.
  5. I mean ruthin st I think you're right gaz, thats the name i was thinking of.
  6. We pinders lived at 34 botham st ,the steps to our yard were at the top of hunsley st,on the right going up.
  7. I was born in 62,so i must have been very young but i remember it.its amazing what you remember.
  8. Hi st Petre What year do you think it was ,would it have been in the late 60s?
  9. I remember the quary finding it completely by accident with a few mates about 1970 We had come over from grimesthorpe ,one of our mates fell in the water We never went back it was a frightening place we were about 8 years old.
  10. Hi does anyone remember the massive fire at Firth browns one summer we had been to skegg it must have been the works weeks and when we got back Carlisle st was closed off and firth browns was destroyed
  11. Hi I was just reading this forum on grimethorpe and saw my name I'm Tony pinder how are all you old people. I lived on botham street from 1962 Till I think 72 I loved it and i wish I could go back Summers were always red hot and winters were always 6foot of snow Bloody miss it Now ive got grand kids and they are always on about global warming they should have lived next to firth Brown's for a few years Polution I'll show you bloody polution It was fantastic. Miss you all Every bloody one of you x
  12. Yes ..i tell my kids that ,but it seldom works,i think something more proactive is called for.
  13. Thanks for your reply jane if my memory serves me did they live in the yard opposite the who can tell,and you are older than them .in the same yard as an old lady that lived in the corner house.i think she was called mrs green.
  14. Im wracking my brain to remember you jane ,can you helpme out.sorry. Do you reme ber my sister catherine
  15. Forgot to say kaye lived over the back from my mum ,my mum lived on gregg house cres and kaye lived on sicey av which backed on to it . Were angie and stuart blonde haired kids.?
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