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  1. Hi Lovely Sheffielders I cant believe my login still worked, I don't think that I have been on here since I lived in Sheffield 9 years ago ....wow, it doesn't feel that long since I left! Im looking for somewhere cheap to stay for my partner and I over the Tramlines weekend 25/7/14- 27/7/14, I'm thinking a caravan or something as we just cant afford a hotel, do you lovely folk have any ideas? Anyone with a motorhome or caravan parked outside their house which we could hire for a couple of eves? Ive looked on Air Bnb but most stuff gone as I think we have left it very late, it's his birthday on 20th and so we wanted to use that weekend to celebrate. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Aphra
  2. come on guys. there must be things that you worship. i know its a strong word, think about what you are a true fan off. think about all the people that called the samaritans coz take that split up. there must be things that you adore even if worship is too mcuh of a strong word for you. please reply have got to do project asap and need as much data as possible to help me build my shrine. cheers peeps. ;-)
  3. kepp em coming oh lovely sheffielders. am doing an art project on worship and am trying to build a contemporary shrine to things that people worship now. anything is really helpful. random or deep i dont mind its just your personnal take on it.
  4. wentworth miller...is he micheal schofield...luv prison break maaan!
  5. am wondering what people worship nowadays??
  6. come on guys...could be a fun read at work if people reply...and i might get into uni! please please please!
  7. thank you hun...ramance isnt dead then.....im thinking that the project might be taking a different path...so any personal messages sent at the spare of the moment ie when drunk etc........
  8. it all helps..as long as theres some emotion...even if its just plain horniness!
  9. cheers hun....but im looking for more 'love letter' esque type things...maybe that is the modern love letter...it all helps!
  10. a college project....anyone with an art portpholio thats any good!
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