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  1. The parking ticket you have is not a penalty, more a charge for parking on private land. The charge is based on a contract between the driver of the car and the parking control agents. I assume they have sent the charge to the registered keeper of the car? In that case, send them back a polite letter suggesting that they take up the issue with the driver, not the RK. They will proceed no further with this, all they do is send you letters threatening to take you to court. They cannot do this as they cannot prove who was the driver of the car at the time.
  2. Has anyone thought it might be the OP's fault for parking to one side of their parking space, meaning a normally parked car in an adjacent space would be slightly too close to their car? Or are they expected to move over again to accommodate the badly parked car?
  3. No it wasn't. The OP is wanting advice on camp sites which are accommodating to young people.
  4. Bringing the HSTs back is a great idea, they've still got years of service left in them.
  5. Dronfield has both, Hilltop, Coal Aston + Dronfield Centre are 01246. Parts of Dronfield Woodhouse, on the Bradway border is 0114
  6. On the left as you're going towards Tintwistle, down near the electricity pylons.
  7. Aston Villa + Birmingham Walsall, Wolves + WBA in the surrounding area too.
  8. I've just got the normal Zetec alloys at the moment. I had thought it was the power steering belt but i've had those replaced and it's still doing it It does sound as if the noise is coming from the steering column as opposed to the wheel itself.
  9. Hi Following on from the other car problem thread.... I have a probem with my Fiesta (Mk6, 52reg), It seems like there is a creaking or gurgling noise when turning left, it's just had all the auxilliary belts replaced so it can't be that.....please help! It's only done 20k so it can't be anything serious....hopefully Cheers in advance for any help! Matt
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