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  1. Do you still need Izal toilet rolls or shall I send my out of date papers for you to use as we had to?
  2. CWB 59N..picking up brand new orange Ford Cortina 1600 XL estate august 1975 from TC Harrison on London Road via 286 bus,its been scrapped by now surely?
  3. Paint Your Wagon 1969,funny ,dramatic and musical !!
  4. Sorry no..but I remember my company selling 200 litres of Zalpon liquid soap to them in the 70's ,not sure if Mr Gunstone was alive but I hear he liked the ladies
  5. Oh God another favorite gone..so very upsetting God Bless
  6. Heroic F1 driver indeed..no real protection ,bad tyres + down force ,straw bales instead of Armco etc etc a true gent right through ..God Bless One of mine too,had Scalextric track and pretended to be him back in '63
  7. Gorgeous female R.I.P.
  8. I turned my back on football years ago ,I read that most Premiership sides don't need anyone through turnstyles due to all the money they get elsewhere, it was a game for the working class,now one for the very rich, it won't last cos the rich aren't real supporters of anything except their own wealth.Just think now how frustrated they must feel cos they can't jet off to their properties around the world due to whats happening now with covid...ooh and no footy either ...poor sods ha ha
  9. Linakers supposed £140K donation is probably ONLY one weeks earnings for opening his gob for the over paid sports people,remember when sports was amateur and people did it for the national pride?Too many public sector workers are over paid,I include bin collectors £30k for walking around and like all public sector workers get 6months full pay for illness and pension entitlements far better than the equivalent £30k private sector employees. Get rid of BBC,get the employees into private sector and then they'll realise what living in the real world is
  10. Certainly I think all BBC staff should be hit hard,like I've said before...Steve Wright gets £500000 ,that is pathetic !!!
  11. The tight Ba----d, probably thinks he'll get a Knighthood WHY ? I don't read from such low level journalism
  12. For a "kick off" Gary Linaker could donate his BBC salary,then his BT salary and then his Walkers crisps money then …….perhaps some of his personal wealth.
  13. These collections are very important, contact local MP to try and get things sorted
  14. My view is that its just a pathetic peace of news by Look North , mind you it just keeps in line with what the BBC are in my opinion ie pathetic
  15. Suddenly to good old family holiday on the East coast seems appealing eh?
  16. its internet purchasing that has emerged as the preferable method of shopping in that area.Landlords will probably convert many of the high street locations into flats ?
  17. must be self isolating in the boot?
  18. So many folks (not me or mine) go out to eat ,you know all the places that serve food ie Harvester or what ever...from breakfast to late dinner,they are probably amongst the people who don't eat/cook at home so are panicking to buy food cos they'll need a **** at home when all restaurants close,hence toilet roll shortage,going on from that they can't cook properly so there'll be more food poisoning and then more ****ting and so on and so on.(nuff sedX)
  19. Hi,a friend of mine has asked me to post for him.He has a miniature bottle of Whisky with a label that reads "Guild of Masonic Players Sheffield,Happy to meet,sorry to Part,happy to meet again,can anyone shed light as to why the bottles were made? Cheers !(see what I did there?)
  20. Aldi Norton store Sunday was manic with panic,1've never seen anything like it
  21. Without doubt one of the greatest ever comedians ,actors, presenters, radio host etc etc RIPJump to search
  22. Not me,but O2 have texted saying they are carrying out "essential work in S188WS" which isn't my post code !! so may be doing work in S6 too?
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