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  1. They'll be watching the "bigger picture" hoping to catch the ring leaders ?
  2. Yes as the great John Lennon said "nobody told me there were days like these....most peculiar mama"
  3. My view is that its just a pathetic peace of news by Look North , mind you it just keeps in line with what the BBC are in my opinion ie pathetic
  4. Suddenly to good old family holiday on the East coast seems appealing eh?
  5. its internet purchasing that has emerged as the preferable method of shopping in that area.Landlords will probably convert many of the high street locations into flats ?
  6. must be self isolating in the boot?
  7. So many folks (not me or mine) go out to eat ,you know all the places that serve food ie Harvester or what ever...from breakfast to late dinner,they are probably amongst the people who don't eat/cook at home so are panicking to buy food cos they'll need a **** at home when all restaurants close,hence toilet roll shortage,going on from that they can't cook properly so there'll be more food poisoning and then more ****ting and so on and so on.(nuff sedX)
  8. Hi,a friend of mine has asked me to post for him.He has a miniature bottle of Whisky with a label that reads "Guild of Masonic Players Sheffield,Happy to meet,sorry to Part,happy to meet again,can anyone shed light as to why the bottles were made? Cheers !(see what I did there?)
  9. Aldi Norton store Sunday was manic with panic,1've never seen anything like it
  10. Without doubt one of the greatest ever comedians ,actors, presenters, radio host etc etc RIPJump to search
  11. Not me,but O2 have texted saying they are carrying out "essential work in S188WS" which isn't my post code !! so may be doing work in S6 too?
  12. Cut the BBC budget by 50% ,its an organisation for making ordinary presenters millionairs,thats not what a public financed organisation should be all about,GET RID yea get shut with him,makes you wonder why he's still on the pay roll looking at BBC scandal history
  13. The Architecture is so beautiful from that era,would love to see more new builds with such beauty (well in my eyes anyhow!)
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