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  1. I'm sorry I do not like Biden and showing me pictures of that orange excrescence is not going to change my mind.
  2. I see, so not only do you not what foreign people over here but you don't want their data either.
  3. What about wearing masks when you have symptoms of a respiratory virus - I think this is what some cultures do - isn't this a good general idea? (Obviously this is not what has been going on with covid.)
  4. Oh dear ... that's kind of embarassing. Still I don't suppose anybody will notice.
  5. Oh, there is definitely a problem. I just don't think that it is a question of people being daft/ selfish although there may be a few who act badly. If you want to solve the problem through individual action then you need people to choose to act against their own best interests by letting their tanks run lower than usual and to do less driving then they had intended until the issue is resolved. That would only work if everybody expected everybody else to behave well which seems unreasonably optimistic especially when the media will report any problems, widespread or not, as panic buying.
  6. Who is it that is being daft? A shortage is reported. People decide they do not want to run low so they are a little more prudent than normal and fill up when they have a third of a tank where they might normally wait until they get down to a sixth of a tank. They also avoid procrastinating and do it immediately. Suddenly demand for petrol has doubled or tripled and we see queues and petrol stations without petrol. Out comes the term 'panic buyer' but really it is just people being prudent.
  7. I think you may have misinterpreted what I have said. I was not intending to cause offence.
  8. I believe the rule is that if you fill your vehicle today then you are a 'panic buyer' and can hounded by any passing journalist.
  9. I am sorry but I do not trust the RHA on the matter. They have been pushing this '100 000 drivers short' line which is BS. The 100 000 was constructed by adding three numbers which were not comparable (vacancies, EU returnees, reduction in HGV test passes). Once one sees this kind of propaganda / foolishness from people who should know better one should be sceptical of everything they say. Being sceptical means I don't immediately accept a certain weight of articles, press releases as evidence either. I have not read these articles ... I was hoping to piggyback on your knowledge. Bit unreasonable, I know, but you seem to know what you are talking about. All this is not to say that there has not been a long-term shortage just that what I personally know doesn't establish it.
  10. False. False (implication) False. Covid reduced cancer referrals, lockdowns mitigated this effect.
  11. Congratulations! I can confirm that you too are a 'panic buyer'.
  12. Congratulations on being a 'panic buyer'. And there you have it folks: what is commonly called 'panic buying' can be caused by prudence, provided of course it is adopted by a significant number of people simultaneously anticipating shortages.
  13. It actually is a long-term issue in the UK, and other places too. But Brexit just worsens it, relative to other countries that haven’t left the EU. I am not disagreeing ... the bit of mine you quote contains the word 'simply'. On the other hand, I am not agreeing either. What is the evidence there is a long-term issue? I know haulage associations in multiple countries suggest there is an issue but is there more concrete evidence? Ordinarily, one might expect the market to lure lapsed HGV drivers back in with better pay and conditions as I think they are now trying but that is recent as far as I know.
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