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  1. Just wondering if you ended up purchasing from this company? I'm considering it too but a bit put off by the lack of online reviews
  2. Ah right, maybe that's what the noise was. Sounded more like planes.
  3. Thanks jackanne. @saywhatnow I do work from home but if it ends up being really noisy during the day, I'll start working from a co-working space in Sheffield instead.
  4. OK thanks saywhatnow. Perhaps it was an unusually busy morning aircraft wise.
  5. I have just received the keys to my new rental property in Totley Rise and moving in over the next couple of weeks. Spent a couple of hours there this morning and noticed loads of planes flying over, one every couple of mins the whole time I was there.... The background noise was pretty much constant. I'll probably get used to it but just wondering if anyone knows if this is normal for Totley? I've never lived there before and it looks like it might be a very busy flight path and I didn't realise. I'm currently in Mosborough, and it's really quiet here. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the kind replies. I went to visit the place this afternoon prior to the viewing and it has a dingy looking block of flats right next to it. I decided it is not a very nice setting so I will cancel my viewing.
  7. Hi I'm new to this forum and the city. I am looking for a rental house in Sheffield - preferably with a private landlord. There is a house up for rent in Low Edges Drive....I Googled the area and it seems to have a bit of a reputation for being rough, at least I have found posts on the internet from about 5-10 years ago saying it is not safe there. Would you consider this a suitable place to live? I'm going to be living alone. I'd be most interested to hear from people who live or have lived there. I looked on the Crime Statistics website to try and get a bit of perspective on it. It says there were 2 violent crimes on Low Edges Drive in August. Thanks very much in advance for any input.
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