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  1. My isssue with this was why didnt Amey who closed leppings lane put some diversion signs way back up Middlwood rd so drivers knew what was going on before getting within 10 yards of the closure and seeing a road closed sign? Too much like common sense ?
  2. The most recent one on sunday , you know the big one !
  3. Does anyone have any further information on this accident? Thanks
  4. I wont be using them again and i shall be informing trading standards.....thanks Hadron
  5. Hi , any other tradesmen had issues with said company? I use them occasionally when im a bit quiet to get in work for my painting & decorating business. Im not a member im on a pay as you go scheme , i used them on Friday last week and bought a job from them in my area ( this allowes you the contact details of the customer) i contacted the customer numerous times and in different ways i.e phone, text & email without success. Ive contacted Rated people who say that because im not a member and only a pay as you go customer i cant get a refund on the job! Im absolutely seething and think this is highly unfair and im actually thinking of contacting trading standards. They are providing a service that for all i know the customers could be made up / or dont want any work doing? Any other people had any problems similar to me? Thanks in advance
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