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  1. Severn Trent water have been doing work replacing water pipes just around the corner from where we live. On Thursday morning they turned off the water supply to our homes at 8am and it was off until 5pm. When the supply came back on my husband and I could hear a leak somewhere. My husband searched in vain but could find nothing so the next morning he rang STW to inform them of our problem. They advised that it would probably sort itself out when the work outside was completed. It's now Saturday afternoon and the leak is still there, we have been worried so once again my hubby did some investigating. He finally found the leak behind the dishwasher but on the other side of the meter. The leak is not affecting our meter at all so we assume it is not our responsibility. However, as I half expected, we have been told that is is not their responsibility and we have to foot the bill to call out a plumber to fix the leak. Before they turned the water off on Thursday we didn't have a leak and no sign of a problem. It was only after they turned off the supply and then back on again that the leak occurred. Can anyone out there advise me if we have any recourse against STW. We would be grateful for any feedback about this issue.
  2. We were there with my son and his family who were visiting from Oz so we were all over the place looking at the building and chatting. By the time I found out what hubby had paid I had already started drinking it. Otherwise as you say, I would have walked away.
  3. On our way home from a great day out in Derbyshire we called in at the Devonshire Arms in Beeley for a drink. We were staggered when charged over 13 pounds for a beer and a glass of wine. On checking the price of the wine at the bar we were told it cost 9.95. That is outrageous and absolute daylight robbery. Needless to say we will not be going back there. So, be warned !
  4. Does it really matter WHEN we had some pride in our environment. It's certainly missing now.
  5. I feel for you. We had cause to go down Darnell last week and I was absolutely gobsmacked at the filthy litter filled streets. It's like being in a third world country. In the past Darnell was an area where people had a sense of pride in their environment, sweeping around their homes, scrubbing steps and cleaning windows. What is happening to parts of our city ? It is a crying shame !
  6. I'm 69 in June. I have had many milestones throughout my life and will continue to set goals for myself. I emigrated when I was 38, learned to drive when I was 40, got remarried when I was 50, learned to swim when I was 53, learned to play golf and angling when I was 55 and came back home to Sheffield when I was 67. Now am am still swimming and have taken up hiking in Derbyshire. I think keeping life interesting and challenging is important for me. The mirror tells me that I am now a senior citizen but inside I feel full of life. I plan on having no regrets when I shed this mortal coil.
  7. You must walk and drive around with your eyes shut !!
  8. When I lived in Oz I asked if they had mushy peas to go with my fish and chips. The girl serving me was totally astonished that I would want such a weird combination. Some people have no idea !!
  9. Yea, my first husband proposed to me in the Arundel Club when we were waiting for the Fortunes to come on. What a great night that was, loved the group by the way.
  10. I totally agree ! I was also appalled when we traveled on the A57 last week. Now that I know who to contact I will also make a complaint. Maybe if more than one person complains something may be done. Lets wait and see. I must say, in Sheffield Amey were very polite and helpful when I made my complaint a few weeks ago.
  11. I contacted Amey a few weeks ago to make a complaint about litter in the streets. I was told that if a complaint is made they have an obligation to clean up that area, so long as it isn't private property. Blow me down, the street I complained about has been cleaned. So, if everyone complained to Amey something will get done about it.
  12. My sister aged nine was sent to Ash House to convalesce when she was suffering from Rheumatic Fever. This was in the mid forties. So, I do know children were there.
  13. My hubby has. I am from Sheffield but lived in Oz for thirty years before coming back home. Hubby was happy to come here, loves the countryside, history and the pubs. We are very happy, been back 18 months. ---------- Post added 23-03-2013 at 01:27 ---------- I thought this was a fair dinkum question. Sorry I bothered to be helpful when folk are just messing about
  14. My fella went to March the Tailors on the Moor. You could get whatever you wanted on chucky so I guess that was the attraction. Just as soon as he paid for one suit he ordered another.
  15. Sure do, along with several of the customers numbers
  16. Thanks for that. I assume you don't know their married names either ? I am Rita's sister. She died last year and I would like to let Ann in particular know as they were very good friends. They lost contact when Rita became too ill to correspond.
  17. My sister Rita Johnson went to Newfield. Her friends there were Ann & Kathleen Adams. If anyone can put me in touch with either one of them that would be greatful.
  18. I just put in a complaint to the council. My husband and I also pick litter up when we are out walking in parks and countryside. So, I don't just complain from my keyboard. Any ideas on how to motivate people is the next question. ---------- Post added 06-03-2013 at 00:11 ---------- Excellent, good on ya !
  19. I lived in Oz for thirty years and yes, it is a relatively clean environment. Maybe that's why I notice the appalling state of our streets. There was littering in Oz and dumping of rubbish in some places but certainly not to the same degree as here. We had a yearly campaign in Oz called Clean Up Australia Day. Volunteers backed by local councils go out and clean up streets, creek beds and rivers. It's a tremendous success and a great family day out doing something for the whole community. But, I fear if it was suggested here there would be those who would say. I'm not picking up someone elses' rubbish. Fair comment, but doesn't that make us all as bad as those who threw it down ? I and my husband do pick rubbish up as we walk in parks, Derbyshire and the streets, it makes me feel as though I'm not just complaining. ---------- Post added 05-03-2013 at 23:59 ---------- Good on ya mate !
  20. I totally agree and have just written to the council to complain about the state of our streets. They are an absolute disgrace. When I journey into town on the bus, the sight of all the litter and garbage makes me want to cry with frustration because it is all so unnecessary. The worst spots are outside schools and at bus stops, but even the railway banking going into town is strewn with paint cans, window frames and the like. What is wrong with these people, have they no sense of pride or sense of responsibility for their own environment. Part of the problem is that littering isn't policed, and of course the reason it isn't is all the cut backs. That seems like a logical reason for not doing anything about the problem. But, something needs to be done before we are all knee deep in rubbish !! I have relatives coming from Oz for a holiday and I dread having to expose them the state of our streets, I am so ashamed of Sheffield, a city that I was once very proud of.
  21. And then there's all the garbage and litter in the streets.... but that's another topic
  22. I am stood at the window watching adults clearing snow whilst the kids play in it. Nothing wrong with that, it's lovely to see kids having fun, and the adults too. But, what happened to the days when the kids went out first thing to clear snow, not only from their own front and back doors but those of their neighbours too. My brother and I loved to clear a path to the bins and toilets when we were kids, adults never had to come out. We built igloos and snowmen, with the odd snowball fight ensuing and had such fun whilst helping others. It just seems that kids these days aren't encouraged to do anything for themselves, or to think of others. Of course this is a generalisation and I may be completely wrong.
  23. Let me put your mind at rest. In my experience spiders do not sit under the toilet seat. Most people have their property sprayed once a year for creepy crawlies. Although the odd snake has crept into peoples houses, very occasionally, it is not an everyday common occurrence. I lived there thirty years and saw about three snakes and just one big spider, yes horrible to look at but harmless. These creatures are just as scared of us as we are of them. Unless they are cornered they will crawl away if they feel anyone approaching. I do hope that helps.
  24. The planet has been in a cycle of change since time began. I believe the change in our climate is natural.
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