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  1. Hi everybody , a great day detecting in Sheffield great finds and a lovely piece of hallmarked Silver found that probably belonged to a local wealthy family in the 1800s ( what do you think ? ) , and if you enjoy the video please like , share and subscribe you might just win somethin in my give away comp , best wishes Rob 😁👍
  2. Join me on my latest adventure mudlarking and detecting in a local Medieval stream , with some good finds and plenty of Mosquitos 😂 hope you enjoye the video ATB Rob 👍
  3. A great day detecting the pasture with good finds including double silver and a great military find 😁
  4. Join me and discover what history lies just beneath your feet including silver coins and ancient relics and if you enjoy the journey please like , share and subscribe , best wishes Robbie .
  5. Hi there , the site is full of Asbestod and a lot of it is underground ! dont know why ? the reason i know is that i got permission to metal detect on it hoping to find some relics from when the site was in use by the RAF and all i found was scrap and Asestos 😕 but you dont have to go far to find some real history this video shows what can be found in Sheffield and is just behind where the site is located .
  6. Join me exploring the history of Sheffield you will be surprised what you can dig up on your own door step , silver love tokens from 1696 and much more , and please comment , like share and subscribe if you enjoy the journey , best wishes Robbie 😁
  7. Join me exploring and detecting my local wood with some nice finds , and with the usual injection of comedy and banter , but one of the main reasons i am there is because of an historic find by a guy in the past , take a look and all will be explained 😉 , and if you like the video please like , share and subscribe best wishes Rob .
  8. Hello , thank you for your positive comments i do appreciate them although it would appear that some of the information i used in the video was not correct which has been pointed out to me quite strongly ! i can only sugest that the people who pointed out my mistakes bring to book the individuals who posted the incorrect information on the internet and ( dont shoot the messenger 😁 ) best wishes Robbie .
  9. Hi everybody , join me as i look into the story of the body snatchers in Wardsend cemetery and put an end to the myth that surrounds Buffalo Bill and the native American Paul Eagle Star , and please share the video and subscribe , best wishes Robbie.
  10. Hi everybody , it's surprising what history you can dig up in the woods in and around Sheffield join me and see what i found in just a couple of hours , you would be surprised 😃 and please like , share and subscribe if you enjoye the video best wishes Robbie .
  11. Join me exploring Sheffield , from the Victorian cenetry to the Bessemar converter , and please like , share and subscribe , best wishes Robbie Cole .
  12. Hi everybody , well this time i am not alone i an joined by the legend that is Craig the Bounty Hunter , loads of finds and lots of fun , hope you enjoy it and if you do please share the video , like and subscribe , best wishes for 2020 Robbie Cole .
  13. Hi everybody , check out my latest video where i discover more of Sheffield's history , and if you enjoy it please like , share and subscribe best wishes and seasons greetings to everyone from Robbie .
  14. Hi everybody , if you love history give my latest video a watch , join me detecting around Sheffield and see what i discover and if you enjoy it please like , share and subscribe , best wishes Robbie .
  15. Hi there everybody , check out my latest video and have a look at the bizarre Medieval Griffin i found plus coins and artefacts . and the history i find is on your door step !! so why not have a go yourself it's a great hobby , and it's all on your door step , please like , share and subscribe , many thanks Robbie .
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