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  1. Hi Annie & Lemmy, Thanks for letting Me know about the Steam Special which comes through Chesterfield on Saturday. I'll keep an eye out to see the times of the other Steam Special which comes through D&T Station on 04/12/21. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall.
  2. Hi Everybody especially Annie. The York Yuletide Express is due to travel through Chesterfield then on the 'back line' via Barrowhill to York next Saturday - 27/11/21. The second Steam Special, also called the York Yuletide Express is due to travel through Dore & Totley Station between Liverpool and York on Saturday 04/12/21. Does anybody know the actual times of these x2 trains? Best wishes, Wazzie Worrall.
  3. Hi Annie, Thanks for the update - brilliant. I'll be at Dore and Totley Station. Kind regards, Wazzie Worrall
  4. Hi Annie, Have You any idea about what time the Peak Express (Tin Bath) is due through Dore & Totley Station on Sunday? Thanks. Best wishes, Wazzie Worrall
  5. Hi, I've lived in Sheffield nearly 70yrs and I've never heard of anybody referred to as 'duck'. To my knowledge 'duck' is a term of affection in North East Derbyshire/Chesterfield. My partner is from Chesterfield and her family always referred to each other as 'duck'. In Sheffield we are much more likely to refer to each other, male/female as 'love'. Many years ago a friend of mine who had recently moved to Sheffield from London was shocked when a big bloke at a bus stop referred to him as 'love'. I told him he would need to get used to this. He has now lived here for over 35yrs and calls people 'love' himself! Wazzie Worrall
  6. Hi Annie, Thanks for the steam train information. Your postings are always very useful. Best wishes, Wazzie Worrall
  7. Despite getting wet and the outward journey being half an hour late, it was wonderful to see 46100 - Royal Scot! The next Steam Special I've got listed is the Tin Bath which is due through Dore and Totley on 24 October. Has anybody got information about any other specials please? Wazzie Worrall
  8. Hi, Annie's posting was most useful - thanks. I didn't know anything was happening o 24/9? 29/9/21. The train doesn't go into Dore &Totley or Sheffield Stations. From Chesterfield it takes the loop via Dore Tunnel onto the Hope Valley Line to Grindleford. There are x2 suitable viewing points in Totley. The road bridge which runs up to the flats opposite the 'little' Metro Tesco. The other place is the footbridge to the left up Totley Brook Road. I still have no idea about return times? Cheers, Wazzie
  9. Hi Everybody. There is a Steam Special (Buxton Spa Express - Saphos Trains) from Chesterfield to Dore Tunnel/the Loop then onto Hope Valley Line to Grindleford on 29.09.2021. According to the Website the train leaves Burton on Trent at 09:30 and according to my calculations it should arrive at Dore Tunnel/the Loop about one hour later. Is this correct - what time will the train actually arrive at Dore Tunnel/Loop on the on the Outward/Return journeys? Wazzie Worrall.
  10. It's very sad. I've seen the Rolling Stones x8 times, the first time being the Sheffield Gaumont in 1965 and the last time being Manchester in 2018. I bought their first album in 1963 - The Rolling Stones'. Charlie was always there; records, TV shows, films - the end of an Era! However He will always live, all You have to do is put on an Album. We'll always Love You Charlie - Thank You for Your contribution to the Art. You are always in our Hearts!!! Wazzie Worrall.....
  11. Hi Jim, Thanks for the advice, I'll check the Scout Shop which is still on Trippett Lane and the Army Stores at the Wicker and on London Rd. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  12. Hi Broncolives. I remember those white enamel 'mashin tin's', I had one when I worked at Darnell Shotbasting and British Steel in the early 70's. Is there anywhere than sells them now, I'd love to own one? Best wishes, Wazzie Worrall
  13. One of the main issues regarding parking on Abbeydale Road South is the use of Dore & Totley Station Car Park. Now that things are getting back to 'normal' the Station Car Park is over subscribed and consequently cars are parking on Dore Road, the waste ground infront of the Alms Houses, Abbeydale Road South and the Five Trees Estate. This situation is only going to get worse as work is currently taking place to return the track to double working and putting in a second platform on the Station. There will also be an increase in the number of Manchester trains stopping at the Station. This will mean an increase in the number of cars parking, however no provision appears to been made for these cars. I have only mentioned cars parking for Station use. The Station Car Park however is also used by The Summer House, people parking and getting the bus on Abbeydale Road South or people walking in Ecclesall Woods. What is going to happen to all the extra cars? Wazzie Worrall.
  14. The Complete Atlas of the British Isles. Reader's Digest (1965) has x2 pages devoted to Language and Dialects (pages 122/123). According to this publication Mash and Brew are common terms from the South Midlands to the Scottish Border. Other words for 'Mashing' tea include; Mask Tea - Scotland, Wet Tea - The West Country. Soak Tea - Cornwall. It also includes Make, Damp. Draw, Scald and Steep, but doesn't give any particular region for these differences. Right, it's time to go and Mash! Cheers, Wazzie Worrall.
  15. Hi Escort. I was at Hurlfield 1963-68. Jack Evans taugh us Art but he also taught us PE. He would also walk us from Hurlfield down City Road to the Park Swimming Baths. He once gave me a punishment for talking in Art. I had to write an essay on 'Noise Abatement in Modern Society'. He also had a 'Hot Seat' for talking. If you were in the Hot Seat when the bell went you would get the slipper! He was a popular teacher but I have a memory that he left Hurlfield when I was in the Third Year. There are Hurlfield School for Boys/Girls pages on the Sheffield Histories - Sheffield Schools. Please add to it. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  16. Hi Speedy Pete, You're right! Mick Swan would make anything which went 'bang', cannons, rockets. In those days you could buy Potassium Nitrate in any local chemist, so making gunpowder wasn't difficult. Are there any more Mick Swan memories out there? Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  17. Hi Everybody, It's interesting to read all the posts about Hurlfield School for Boys. I was at Hurlfield between 1963-68. There is a substantial amount of information about the school, students, teachers, incidents etc on Sheffieldhistories.com/Hurlfield School for Boys. I'm trying to find out about the Michael Swan incident. Michael Swan (Swanny) blew himself up in the Science Prep Room in a think May 1966? Mr Peter Jennings was the Science Teacher at the time but the incident wasn't his fault. The incident made the local Press; Sheffield Telegraph and Star, local BBC/ITV News and the National Media. Swanny had to have major skin drafts and was off school for ages. I've trawled the Internet but can't find anything about the incident. Has anybody out there got any news/information about what happened? Does Michael Swan still live in Sheffield? Cheers. Wazzie Worrall
  18. There are some real horrors out there. I agree with the choices that have already been made. However, there are more........ Slade - Merry Christmas Roy Wood - I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday. Probably the worse but it's a hard choice! J Looy (?) - I Wish I Could Be Home for Christmas. Awful. Wings - So bad I can't even remember the title. It would probably be easier to suggest the worst Christmas songs because there are so many. It's people who work in Supermarkets I feel sorry for - they have to listen to this rubbish on a loop. A couple of years ago we spent Christmas in Cyprus, it was lovely except one had to put up with the same 'musical' nonsense in shops! Wazzie Worrall......
  19. There are thousands of conkers laying on the ground between Mercia Motors - Dore Sorting Office and Brinkburn Avenue on Abbeydale Road South. These conkers need collecting before the next rain. Cheers. Wazzie Worrall
  20. Hi Buckeroo. That's interesting - thanks. I noticed when I was down there last night that a large diametre flexible pipes had been laid in the Limb Brook which joins the River Shef the Sheffield side of Dore and Totley Station. Nothing to worry about then! Cheers, Wazzie
  21. Hi, Thanks for the information, it is very useful. Kind regards, Wazzie Worrall
  22. Hi, Does anybody know what the building work is by CML on the site of the Abbeydale Model Railway, Abbeydale Road South (opposite the Summer House)? Does this building work mean that part of Ecclesall Woods is being developed for a Car Park for Dore & Totley Station? Wazzie Worrall
  23. Hi Zarniwood, Thanks for the information, I'll check the Railway Herald. Cheers, Wazzie
  24. Hi, Members of Sheffield Forum have been very helpful when helping me to find the name and number of steam specials which have run through Dore and Totley Station in recent times. I now have another question; Which website(s) can I use to help me locate steam specials which are due to run through, Dore & Totley, Chesterfield and Sheffield? In the past I have used UKsteam info and Steam Railways. However since the lockdown and consequent general lack of steam specials in the Sheffield area I have no information as to what is due to come through. Realtime Trains is helpful when describing the routes and times of specials, however, to use this page it is necesary to know which day a train is running. Can anybody help me please? Kind regards, Wazzie Worrall
  25. Thanks for the replies. I don't want to put them in the black bin because some of our rubbish goes for land fill and some goes in the furnace at Bernald Rd. Ideally, I would like to give them away, but the problem is to whom? They fill x2 carriers and there's all sorts of differenr bulbs, some screw, some 'old type', some are suitable for dimmers because that's what we had. I'm too busy to go through the bags, so if anybody wants them please take the lot. Wazzie Worrall
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