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  1. Thanks for the replies. I don't want to put them in the black bin because some of our rubbish goes for land fill and some goes in the furnace at Bernald Rd. Ideally, I would like to give them away, but the problem is to whom? They fill x2 carriers and there's all sorts of differenr bulbs, some screw, some 'old type', some are suitable for dimmers because that's what we had. I'm too busy to go through the bags, so if anybody wants them please take the lot. Wazzie Worrall
  2. Hi. What am I supposed to do with old light bulbs in the Sheffield area. They are all pre low Watt bulbs dating from the 80's. The screw type 'mushroom' bulbs went in the old x3 bulb kitchen fitting, then there are other spur and screw bulbs. I don't think they should be put in the brown recycle bin should they? Wazzie Worrall.....
  3. Thanks for that information Nikki. It's also useful to have those links. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  4. Hi, Does anybody know what the steam special was which came through Dore and Totley Station from Manchester at 11:44 today? Thanks, Wazzie Worrall
  5. Hi Annie, Thanks for that information. We've got some of the Freeview channels back but not all, there's no Yeaterday, Drama, Talking Pictures to name just x3. I'm going to keep checking through the evening. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  6. Hi. Has anybody out there be been experiencing no TV signal in the Totley area? Since approximately 09:00 this morning we have had no TV reception, Freeview channels show a banner which says 'No signal. Check your ariel connections', I've done this and it's made no difference. Wazzie Worrall.
  7. 97/98 to/from Totley. We're now x5 weeks into the new T/T and the service has not improved, actually it's got worse!' I informally monitor the service and last Thursday (3/10/19) late afternoon, 'First scored a first!' On the journey from sthe City to the Totley stops, there were x3 buses playing cat and mouse a with an additional cat or mouse. Two 97's and one 98 all at the same, how do they manage to achieve such efficiency? Two buses running together are common on this route but three! Today (9.10.19) I went out to get the 13:15 bus to the City. It didn't show up, neither did the 13:31. The 218 (from Bakewell) arrived on time but I didn't get on it because it was being followed by a First bus which I assumed was one of the missing 97/98's. Wrong, when it drove past it said on the banner, 'Sorry not in service'. A 97 arrived at 13:55, however it was so full that another person and I had to stand until a couple of school kids offered us a seat. While waiting I also noticed a 97 nd 98 going towards the Totley stops playing cat and mouse! What are the excuses going to be this time?; 'Road works at the other end of the service.' 'A lack of buses.' 'A lack of drivers!' 'Managers who haven't got a clue.' or a public transport (privately owned) system which is not fit for purpose? Wazzie Worrall
  8. Hi Rocker, Yes you're right about there being an old pub on the Cross Guns/Sure Start site. I'm not sure and hope somebody out there will help but I believe the old pub was demolished and the new one built at the same time that there was mast clearance to build Washington Flats? Sharrow changed so much in the 70s/early 80's. Where Sharrow Park and the new primary school is were several streets of terrace houses. There was a little corner shop about in the middle of where the new school now stands. In the days of strict licencing laws off sales weren't allow to sell drink outside the prescribed opening hours, so Sunday afternoon could often prove problematic if you fancied a drink. However this shop keeper was always very helpful, providing you had a large bag (pre pastic), and bought something esle to hid the contraband you could get hold of Strongbow or Gold Label between 1400-1900. Wazzie Worrall
  9. Rest In Peace – Kenneth ‘Ken’ Lane. I have recently heard from a mutual friend that Kenneth ‘Ken’ Lane of Glen Road, Nether Edge has passed away. Condolences to Yvonne and all the Family and Friends on their sad loss. Ken was a highly skilled saw-smith and new every aspect of his trade. I still use a couple of saws which Ken made for me before he retired. Ken was well known in Nether Edge and until comparatively recently popped in the Byron. He would often be seen in the late afternoon going to get his Star and he always had a smile and cheerly word. I have spoken to Yvonne and Bridget his daughter and they both said that they would like me to make this posting. Bye Bye Pal, never to be forgotten! Paul Worrall
  10. What about the Cross Guns in Sharrow? It was a brilliant pub when Jason was landlord in the late 80's, early 90's. The Tetley's was always well kept and occasionally they would have live bands on. Jason lost his licence in the early 90's for opening on a Sunday morning when there was a match at the Lane. It really went down hill when Jason left, evetually closing and becoming Sharrow Sure Start. The new pub was built on the site of the orginal Cross Guns which was the first pub I went in went I was about 15. I also have a vague memory of another pub in Sharrow which I think was called the Franklin? Wazzie Worrall
  11. 97/98 – The Comedy Continues! It has already been reported the way that the 97/98 often play ‘cat and mouse’ up and down Abbeydale Rd rather than keeping to the prescribed timetable, this inefficiency often results in there being no buses either way for at least half an hour. Today (20.09.19) First Buses excelled themselves on their comedy routine. At 13:45 - Dore & Totley Station, there were x2 - 98’s playing ‘cat and mouse’ towards town. Maybe one of these 98’s should have displayed ‘Sorry Not in Service’? When are First Buses going to get their act together and honour their service/timetable commitments? Wazzie Worrall
  12. Thanks to Annie B. and others I can give the times for a second outing of 5699 Galetea as it returns to Carnforth from Burton on Monday 23 September. It is important to also check Realtimes on Monday morning, The marker stations I will use are Dronfield and Grindleford. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/advanced/DRO?stp=WVS&show=all&order=wtt This is the link for Dronfield (DRO?), to check other stations simply change the name in the location box and click 'submit'. Sorry about the spacing! Cheers, Wazzie Burton Ot Wetmore Sidings 0910 SDG Alfreton [ALF] pass 1037 ML Blackwell South Jn (Derbs) pass 1039 UDV Morton 1045 1102 Chesterfield [CHD] 3 pass 1112 DBH Tapton Jn pass 1114 Dronfield [DRO] 1121 1123 1 Dore South Jn pass 1127 Dore West Jn pass 1129 Totley Tunnel East pass 1132 Grindleford [GRN] 1 pass 1137 2 Bamford [BAM] pass 1144 Earles Sdgs S.B. DGL 1149 1202 Edale [EDL] 1 pass 1209 Chinley East Jn pass 1215 Manchester Victoria [MCV] 3 pass 1327 Carnforth Steamtown 1745
  13. We were given to understand by First Buses that the new time table changes which came into force on 01.09.19 would improve the service. This is not the case and the service is even worse than before - if that's possible! On Wednesday 18 September around 15:00 I noticed a 97 and 98 playing cat and mouse up Abbeydale Road. I then attempted to get the 16:01 97 at the Five Trees Drive stop towards town. Nothing actually arrived until 16:50, however at approximately 16:20 a bus came past heading to towards town with 'Sorry Not In Service' showing on the display. This is a regular feature, the bus which is due at a specific time often displays not in service and drives empty down Abbeydal Road South, leaving passengers stranded. When is this service going to improve? It's bad enough having to pay excessive charges for Sheffield buses without the added insult of an extremely poor service! Wazzie Worrall
  14. Hi, I understand that there is a thriving club based on the Kenwood Hall pond. If you go into Billy Clarke's Trackle Shop near to the Sheffield United ground, ask for Leigh and he should be able to help you. I was talking to him about that very pond a couple of weeks ago. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  15. And thanks to everybody out there who has contributed. The day started with an unknown steam locomotive wizzing past and because of it our friends out there have opened up lots of new railway opportunities! Wazzie Worrall
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