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  1. Took my test in 1980, my driving instructor was having kittens waiting for me to return to the test centre, he actually admitted he'd had visions of me writing off his car (so much for having faith in my driving skills). My test was at 4.00 pm on a cold, wet, dark Thursday afternoon in November from Handsworth test centre. However the examiner was late so it was 4:15 when we set off just as the old Moore and Wrights factory was turning out, I followed a route through the Woodthorpe onto Price of Wales Road and down to Darnall where it turned out there was a major water pipe burst on Staniforth Rd. Stopped 3 times on 3 different side streets to attempt a 3 point turn but waited so long each time because of traffic coming from all directions that the examiner told me to drive on and we'd come back to it. A bus pulled out of the Greenland Road bus depot at speed right in front of me and I had to preform an unscheduled emergency stop. Finally arrived back at the test centre almost an hour later. Yes I did pass, first time, I will never forget the look of relief on my instructors face.
  2. Hi Leslie is my cousin, his father Ernest and my father are brothers. Leslie's daughter is on this site, she has been looking for information about the Greens. Message me and I will give you her user name. Thanks
  3. Anyone know if the Hen and Chickens is still in business, it was near Haymarket at the back of the old magistrates court not far from the Cannon. They had a great juke box in the early 70's, you use to get a real mix of clientele.
  4. Hi again Tiger-lily I should have said that my father is Roy Green, brother of Ernest, also Albert, Freda, Billy, Alice, Ada, Elsie, Betty and David ( my aunt's and uncle's)
  5. Hi Tiger-lily, Albert and Ada Green are my grandparents, I was born at Southend Rd Wybourn. My 86 year old father is the last surviving of their children. They had 22 grandchildren and at least 20 great grandchildren (that I know of) please feel free to contact me via this site
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