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  1. im assuming that the grit route will be updated depending on the weather or council directives. irrespective a map on google can be updated in 2 mins and reposted to anyone with the link.
  2. thanks for the input. after maps are completed I'll add a alphabetical listing of street names.
  3. here is a test site showing a 3 maps. 1. doncaster grit map(reference only, to show what a completed map looks like, will be removed and replaced with a sheffield grit bin map) 2. sheffield winter heating circuit(to show which buildings are heated by burning rubbish, buildings are gov , council and old age homes) 3. in progress map of sheffield grit routes site - https://sites.google.com/view/sheffieldmaps/home
  4. Its just a map of various projects in sheffield that sheffielders might be interested in. (the rubbish burnt doesnt go to landfills, it heats council buildings) Something to proud about. The grit route and grit bin locations are listed on sheffield city website but in a different format. If I create a map (google map format) with all the above listed projects , anyone with a smartphone or tablet stuck in traffic or snow can see where to look for a bin or where to park when they snowed in. It a public interest map, done now, in time for when winter snow starts. I could also make an app using augmented reality that smartphones can use to guide them exactly where nearest grit bin is. In scotland the grit lorries are posted in real time , you can see where the lorry is, what street they're on , what street they just gritted and when your street is next in the queue. In england , each region posts their own , what if you drive to work in 3 areas? download 3 different maps? Feedback welcome. I'll make a test site and post a link here, asking for feedback.
  5. I have the grit bin and grit routes too , but they in proprietory format , i want to make it in kml for google maps accesable to evryones mobile and tablet. Heating map is the map in sheffield of all the buildings that are heated in winter by burning the city rubbish.
  6. No, I'm looking ahead and considering where I can help out when the time comes.
  7. Hi I'm considering making maps of all the grit routes, grit bins, heating circuits etc of sheffield in time for winter 2020. Would anyone be interested?
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