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  1. We’re buying a house in the Upperthorpe area. A search has shown the site to be a Radon affected area (5 - 10% of houses affected). It’s a fairly modern house, built early 80s, and has a solid concrete foundation. I would have thought this would prevent gas (which rises from small uranium deposits in rocks underground ) from building up in the house. The only way to know for sure if it affects this property is to carry out a series of tests over 6 months, which I imagine would be expensive. Does anyone have experience of dealing with this problem? What is the risk in houses without cellars? And how much does a full Radon test cost? Many thanks in advance for any help with this. Stephen Parr
  2. I wonder if anyone here has encountered this problem? I’m currently trying to buy a house in Hillsborough. The emphasis is on “trying”. The previous owners bought the freehold from Coppen Estates, but there was a fault in the title, as the freehold didn’t cover the part of the house that extends over the common ginnel that gives access to the rear. It’s called a “flying freehold”. After months of inactivity, CE are now refusing to give us a flying freehold, which will probably make it very difficult to sell the house when the time comes, because we’re advised that mortgage companies will not offer a mortgage in these circumstances. So we’re wondering if we should proceed with the sale? Can anyone throw light on this ? Thanks.
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