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  1. You can get robbed anywhere though some are worse than others. What time was the robbery?
  2. Murphy was rightly subbed,for once the result was the important thing.
  3. Thing is he looks to have the talentless ITV daytime team as his guests,aren't they on enough during the day?
  4. All the decisions were correct,good goal to win it and both missed chances,2 poor sides who will struggle.
  5. Or Saints to Nick it it'll be a hard long slog.
  6. Both am got done for drugs,Archer spent time locked to name a couple,if awards was given to people who hadn't broken the law only ordinary folk would get them.
  7. Early 6 pointer and think United should Nick it 1-0.
  8. Agree reckon it's a draw all over.
  9. Got to agree on this one ,legend is too often thrown about and undeserved most of the time,listening to talk sport yesterday and its sprayed about all the time,Panisar,Harmeston,ashes legends,Sinclair,west ham legend and Glenn Johnson Liverpool legend,all on a hour.
  10. Popular doesn't mean good,Hollyoaks might be popular but the acting is cardboard and poor,Oscars won't be won by these people,the only awards these people win is when they're against other poor actors in soaps. Same with daytime dross people probably watch them because they have nothing better to do and the alternative is dross as well.
  11. They don't watch because they have an opinion,as do I.
  12. Popular to who?I have a lot of friends and not one watches the dross these people serve up but saying that most work.
  13. But how do these people keep getting shows?
  14. Totally let down by our batting,Sky said 2 evenly matched sides,Steve Smith was the difference.
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