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  1. Hi there. I started at EGS in 1963. I was in 1N with Mr Moss as Form Tutor. I never settled at the school because I suffered from anxiety and was always afraid of missing the coach home (some five miles to Loxley) and being stuck in Ecclesfield - no cars in my family in those days. I had a lot of time off because of the anxiety and got behind in most subjects; I finished up leaving in 1968 with two GCEs and worked in the steel industry for 20 odd years. In 1989 I went to college and did A levels then onto Uni in Sheffield to do an English degree because, strangely enough, I had a burning desire to teach! I was sent to Ecclesfield School on my first Teaching Practise in 1994 and it was a really strange experience to be back there (the tiles on the walls in the corridors were still the same though). I asked about teachers I remembered whilst i was there, but they were long gone, apart from Tom Smith who taught me for Spanish, who had retired the year before. I never really saw anyone I went to school with after I left, and I suspect that most of my peers would remember me as being an immature dick! I retired from teaching two years ago, having had a wonderful 23 years working with students and helping them develop both socially and academically; I miss the job so much however, that I still do one to one tuition. I remember lots of names from my year - Tom Middleton, Andrew Hemingway, Michael Owens, Rob Fisher, Tom Henderson and girls I was fond of like Alison Tissington and Angelyn Dawkins. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers anything about those years at EGS. All the best. Keith Harrison
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