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  1. Sorry I hadn't noticed, it's Jamesmkidd@yahoo.com thanks
  2. I'm sorry my mistake I read the name at the top in green, my post was intended for ian. Thanks.
  3. The nut tightens the pulley and keeps it from travelling up I live in scotland rudd but would pay you for doing this. Contact me by email at jamesmkidd@yahoo.com and I'll give you the sizes and my address. Thanks.
  4. The nut tightens the pulley and keeps it from travelling upwards, so a tightened collar will do the same job.
  5. It's a r/h thread and it's not keyed, its held on with a taper. The o/d is 18, 15mm. I ended up super gluing it and so far it's holding. But I'm trying to find some one with a lathe to make me up a collar with a grub screw for extra hold.
  6. Hi I just bought a nu tool pillar drill second hand. The nut holding the pulley is missing, the outside dia is 18 mm, does anyone know where I can find a replacement. Thanks.
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