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  1. Hi friend. Sounds good. What sort of music are you into and what sort of experience do you have?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a like-minded guitarist/s (and possibly other musicians too) for regular modern blues based jam / writing sessions. Looking to share a mutual enthusiasm for guitars, gear (GAS), beer and a modern ambient atmospheric rocky blues sound. Ideally suited to intermediate to advanced level (you don't have to be 'the next John Mayer', but a good musical ear is of great value). Ideally you're located in or around Sheffield S13 (Handsworth) area, or not too far away, and have your own gear and transport. Age unimportant, so anywhere between 20's to 50's. I'm a friendly 40 yr old guitarist, with a fair bit of musical experience, but no ego. I'm interested in starting something with the right people, to create some modern blues-based original music, see how it goes. So an ability to improvise and be creative is important. (We can always start off covering versions of our favourite tracks initially to get us rolling.) If sounds of interest to you, feel free to respond here or PM me directly (probably better). Thanks for now!
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