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  1. Octopus99 - Thanks. Hillsborough reads well. DumDom - Seems a decent price too. Will look more into it. Geared - Nowhere specific, just within the requirements above. I'll take a look into those places. nightrider - I think Walkley seems nice but again above our price range. At least for the houses I've see this month. Thanks everyone. If you think of anything else then please let me know
  2. Just checked them all out but again slightly out of our price range unfortunately. What's one step down from these haha?
  3. Just had a quick look. Unfortunately that doesn't seem within the price range. Any other suggestions?
  4. Hi Guys. My partner and I intend to move to Sheffield in a few months. We wanted some recommendations on where to purchase a house please. Details: - We will have £150,000 (via mortgage) - Plan on having children within a few years - Not too bothered about night life - Ideally want a 3 bedroom house but will settle for a 2 bedroom - Again, ideally the house will come with a garden and parking space - We want a safe area with generally good schools. High priority (safety/nice area) - Within a 7 - 8 mile radius of Sheffield City Centre. Just wondered what your thoughts are on areas to look at to be honest. Thanks for providing any information.
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