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  1. The owners of Sheffield Wednesday F.C. have been caught red handed. They have been caught and then they tried to cover up the fact. They botched it, and they were caught again. I am expecting the first punishment for breaking the FFP regulations to be upheld, and I am expecting that punishment to be doubled because they tried to cover up that fact. Anything else would invite the return of the wild west in the Championship. Every rich chairman in the league would take it as an invitation to act as they wanted, because there was nothing the league could do. There is a matter of principle here, and matters of principle just cannot be ignored. Punishments for breaking the FFP rules will be laid down in the rule book. I thought it was 9 points, but I do not think that the actual punishment for exceeding losses of £39m in 3 years has been made public knowledge, nor has the sliding scale of punishments for losses higher than £39m over 3 years. Nevertheless, the rest of the league will be aware of the punishments that the league can enforce, and if the EFL does not enforce the punishment laid down, then legal action could ensue. The option of legal recourse would also be open to Sheffield Wednesday if the EFL make a mistake in their interpretation or enforcement of the rules. That is why the whole process takes time. The EFL must be sure about their case. There must also be EFL rules and a list of punishments for covering up a breach. It is usually a doubling of the original penalty, but once again, the public has not been told, but the clubs will have been.
  2. So many are breaking the law due to not wearing face masks ...on the 56 in nether edge everyone wears them, tho get into town and the Wybourn folk get on not one has them on ... unbelievable how ignorant some folk are. S On the tram one guy told the female super tram conductor he wasn't going to wear one , And gave a crazy unintelligible explanation why he wouldn't I can understand some bus drivers may want an easier time at work, and may not want to police folk not wearing face masks . As for the super tram, how are they allowed to use conductors during this crisis . It's clearly evident They are breaking their own 2 metre rule by collecting tickets . (??) It's quite scary as one of their conductors is currently in a critical condition due to covid 19 . Hope he gets well asap
  3. No idea why they can't mention his name when they had done when he received a 2 year suspended sentence early in the year. He's tried robbing First Sheffield staff on previous occasions https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/sheffield-drug-dealer-jailed-eight-years-serious-offences-38351
  4. It doesnt say whites are not allowed , it says black and ethnic minorities only ...
  5. Suprised there hasn't been more uproar about the bus changes . The Nether Edge bus service has been reduced from 6 buses per hour to 4 during the day and only 1 per hour after 8. The service has been a shambles with 1 in 2 buses not turning up . People in Nether Edge / Brincliffe are in uproar over the state of the new 56 service with so many buses not appearing on an already reduced service. I do hope the SYPTE sort it out soon .
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