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  1. No idea why they can't mention his name when they had done when he received a 2 year suspended sentence early in the year. He's tried robbing First Sheffield staff on previous occasions https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/sheffield-drug-dealer-jailed-eight-years-serious-offences-38351
  2. It doesnt say whites are not allowed , it says black and ethnic minorities only ...
  3. Suprised there hasn't been more uproar about the bus changes . The Nether Edge bus service has been reduced from 6 buses per hour to 4 during the day and only 1 per hour after 8. The service has been a shambles with 1 in 2 buses not turning up . People in Nether Edge / Brincliffe are in uproar over the state of the new 56 service with so many buses not appearing on an already reduced service. I do hope the SYPTE sort it out soon .
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