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  1. Yes, Brian The Miller is a classic: "What do you think. What do you think?" shouted at the top of his voice followed by "Not many Benny" or "Fandabidosie". Tragic!
  2. Last night about 8.30 driving on Greenhill Parkway towards Meadowhead my car was hit by a stone. It came from the grounds of Greenhill Primary School I think. Fortunately it didn't hit a window but has left a dent in the side of my car with some paintwork damage. It certainly gave me a shock. Very dangerous. Kids lurking in the trees I suspect.
  3. Hi John McBlade, Yes it seems like another life, it's so long ago now. You probably went on to St. Peters Like most of us from that school? I seem to remember more about Thomas Mores than St Peters though! A couple more teachers I can recall are Sister Kathleen I think, who was an infant teacher. We had a student teacher in J4 called Miss Yeullot who took us for a trip around Sheff Weds footy ground which I thought was just wonderful. Although being a Blade, like yourself, very much enjoyed wearing my red and white scarf all day, as did other United supporting pupils. On a sunny day like today we'd be taken outside to do lessons. I remember endless football in the playground and playing football BADLY for the school team! I remember kids playing marbles in the grates outside at break-time. Sometimes we would be allowed to use the cricket stuff at lunch time. I hated swimming lessons at Chapletown on Thursdays. I remember John McKenna seemingly being able to hit the ball like a bullet in football practice in the hall. I recall playing rounders during games lessons on the field at the front of the school. Somewhere I've got a First Holy Communion photo with the class outside Thomas More Church in Parsons Cross. I'll try and dig it out. Like I say we probably mostly went on to St Petes or maybe some kids to Notre Damme or Delle a Selle. I can remember a few names now just writing this.
  4. Sorry.just reopening an old topic. I went to St Thomas More on Creswick Lane. I left in 1976. I remember Mrs Mattimore, Miss Jinks, Sister Veronica The Headmistress, Mr Bennett, Mr Martin, Mrs Horbury. Anyone else out there from around those times? I remember a Sheff Weds footballer, John McKenna taking us for football practice. He went on to acting. He was in Coronation Street. Oh and I remember swimming lessons in Chapleton Baths.
  5. Hi everyone. I lived on the Ballifield estate 1965 to 1981. I'd be interested to hear from anyone with any memories of Ballifield or Handsworth in general whilst growing up in the 70s. I left the area when I was 16 but still live in Sheffield.
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